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    Impact of a Darien DUI Arrest

    Under most circumstances, DUI arrest records in the police station are available to the public. Sometimes news sources, like The Darien Patch, pick up the record of the arrest and publish it. Therefore, it may be beneficial to discuss the potential impact of a Darien DUI arrest with an experienced drunk driving attorney.

    Public Arrest Record Consequences

    An individual accused of drunk driving may suffer the negative impact of a Darien DUI arrest such as how they will be viewed in the community. Arrest records could affect someone’s reputation in the community because details of their arrest get out into the public. Even if the person is eligible for a pretrial diversionary program or is not convicted of the offense, those arrest records will still be accessible on the internet.

    How Public Are Mug Shots?

    As some may be aware, the impact of a Darien DUI arrest can include the inarguable proof of one’s charge in the form of a mug shot. If a mug shot is taken, it becomes part of the individual’s public arrest record. This means it will be available to the public without much limitation.

    What Happens to Someone’s Car Following an Arrest?

    The impact of a Darien DUI arrest can include the confiscation of the accused’s car. Following the arrest, the individual’s care is towed to the nearby towing company’s lot and held overnight in most instances. If the police think that the car has an evidentiary value, it might be towed and taken to the police station to be inspected.

    Tips for Retrieving One’s Car After a DUI Arrest

    The accused driver should bring a photo ID and their license to take the car. A DUI lawyer can be the liaison between the accused and the police. The lawyer can assist in finding out information about when the car can be released. If it is taken to the police station, the police will inventory the car. Meaning, they will search it and make a list of property in the car.

    Searching the defendant’s car could bring about additional charges. For example, if they find a weapon or any kind of drug in the car, that could cause another charge to be brought. If they find things like alcohol in the car, it might not be another charge, but it could be evidence that the state can use in favor of the DUI charge.

    Record Sealing vs. Expungement

    The impact of a Darien DUI arrest could include influencing the likelihood of record sealing or expungement. Record sealing is when someone is in one of those pretrial diversionary programs. The records still exist, but they are sealed to the public by statute. Expungement occurs after a case is dismissed. The records are destroyed and expunged from the record.

    If the person receives a pardon, it would be another way for the records to be completely deleted. The only way they will become sealed is if a person is in a pretrial diversionary program or if the case is dismissed. After that, the records should be destroyed.

    If someone is acquitted of the DUI, their arrest record can stay public unless the person does something to try to get it offline. As far as online publishing, internet scrubbing is a way to try getting these news articles offline.