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    Pre-Trial Release and Bond for Darien DUI Arrests

    The bond is an amount of money for which a person can be held in custody until that amount is paid. Usually, the amount is determined based on the person’s past criminal record and whether they are a danger to the community, a flight risk, or might try to avoid coming to court. Those are the usual factors.

    To further understand the pre-trial release and bond conditions for your Darien DUI arrest, it is imperative that you consult with an attorney as soon as possible. An experienced Darien DUI lawyer can help an individual through the legal process and work to obtain a successful outcome on their behalf.

    Posting Bond

    An individual could post bond after their DUI arrest in Darien using cash themselves, or family or friends can post it for them.

    If it is a higher amount, in most cases, the person can use a bondsman. The individual accused would pay a portion of the bond to the bondsman as a fee, and be able to get released in that way.

    Pre-Trial Release

    Pre-trial release in a Darien DUI case means that a person can be free in a community as the case is pending before the trial starts. If the person is held on bond and brought to court in custody the next day, the Darien DUI lawyer can argue at their arraignment as to why the bond should be lowered or why the person should be released on a promise to appear.

    A lawyer will often argue things like the person is not a flight risk, has strong ties to the community either through a person’s work, family, or both, and is not a danger to the community while out on bond.

    A common condition of getting released into the community when charged with a DUI is that the person is not to drive unless properly licensed, registered, and insured. If a person does not comply with those conditions of release, a separate misdemeanor charge can be brought against that person for violating their conditions of release.

    Additionally, if the person picks up a new charge, that person’s bond in their underlying DUI case could also get raised.

    Usually, anything that the individual came in with, they will be able to get back upon release for a DUI arrest in Darien. If the police held onto their license or any cash that was not used as bond, they will be able to get that back when released. They will also get a document letting them know their charges and court date.

    Benefit of an Attorney

    If an individual is still incarcerated or was not able to make their bond, they are going to need someone experienced with Darien police officers and with Stamford Court to be able to argue for them to get released.

    Additionally, an attorney will make sure their client’s rights are protected from the beginning, get the police report and scrutinize it, make sure no constitutional rights were violated, and file motions to preserve evidence as soon as possible so nothing is lost. An attorney can properly argue the pre-trial release and bond conditions for their client’s Darien DUI, helping to ensure a positive outcome.