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    Darien DUI Arrest Process

    After being arrested for a DUI in Darien, law enforcement will typically take the individual to the Darien Police Station.

    After arriving, they will be taken to central booking, which is the area of the police station where individual’s are booked and processed after they are under arrest. This is where law enforcement would take an individual’s fingerprints, mug shots, and obtain the person’s pedigree information, like their name, address, and contact information.

    To better understand the role of the booking process and the Darien DUI arrest process, it is pertinent that you contact an experienced Darien DUI lawyer as soon as possible.

    Specifics of Darien Jail

    Jail in Darien is probably a bit quieter than some other jails in the state, especially the main Connecticut State Police holding cells or Stamford holding cells.

    It is also smaller. They do not house any inmates. It is for people that are being held until they post bond or until they go to court the next day. They do not have any long-term housing facilities.

    Posting Bond

    When most people think of jail, they think of the actual holding cell where people are waiting. Booking is where the individual is interacting with the police officer to get their information.

    After an individual is booked, law enforcement will set some bond even for a first-time DUI as part of the Darien DUI arrest process. This could be a nominal amount between $100 and $500, for example. They might have to wait in the holding cell until either they post bond or someone else posts that bond on their behalf.

    If they are able to post the bond, they would be released on bail. If they do not post bail, they would spend the night and be taken to court the next business day.

    If the individual does not post bond, the officers might ask if they want to give a statement or if they want to contact an attorney. They will have the right to do either.

    Available Medical Resources

    The Darien police officer will work closely with Darien emergency medical services or EMS in the event of an emergency. If somebody is in need of medical attention, especially emergency medical attention, the officer can call an ambulance on the person’s behalf to receive medical attention either at the jail or to be transported to a nearby hospital to receive treatment.

    Do I Have To Submit a Breath Test After a DUI Arrest?

    If an individual is pulled over or apprehended by the police, there is a suspicion of DUI, and they take the field sobriety test, they are usually placed under arrest for DUI and transported back to the Darien Police Department. At that point, they would be asked to submit to a breath test after receiving the Miranda warning during their Darien DUI arrest process.

    What Are The Jail-Related Penalties Following a DUI Arrest in Darien?

    The jail-related penalties in a Darien DUI arrest depend on the number of offenses a person has had. If it is a first conviction, they are exposed to a maximum of six months in jail unless someone was seriously injured, which would enhance it.

    If it is their second conviction, they are exposed to two years in jail. If it is more than that, the years go up as the number of convictions goes up.

    Mandatory Minimum Sentence

    A mandatory minimum as it relates to a Darien DUI arrest is time in jail that cannot be suspended or reduced by the court if there is a conviction. There are mandatory minimums for DUIs.

    If it is a person’s first conviction, the mandatory minimum is 48 hours or two days in jail or community service as part of probation if the person does not want to do two days in jail.

    If it is a second conviction, there is 120 days or four months of mandatory minimum sentence. If it is the person’s third conviction, it is a year mandatory minimum in jail.