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    Darien DUI Jury Trials

    There is a difference between bench trials and jury trials in Darien DUI cases, and the circumstances of an individual’s case can determine which would be best.

    A bench trial would be a trial in front of the Judge only. A jury trial would consist of jurors who will make the final determination in any given case. There are six jurors selected for this type of charge.

    To determine the type of trial that may be preferred in your case, it is important to contact a Darien DUI attorney as soon as possible. A lawyer can help prepare you for either a bench or jury trial in your Darien DUI case.

    Determining the Type of Trial

    If there was anything particularly egregious about the case, or if the person has a previous DUI, those might be considerations to request a bench trial.

    If there is a good defense case, (i.e. the State will have difficulty proving its case, the defendant is credible or sympathetic, or the jury might like the defendant) then the lawyer might recommend a Darien DUI jury trial.

    The credibility of the person being charged and whether they are sympathetic can help an attorney determine the type of trial that may be necessary. Further, the lawyer will consider whether the police have followed the book in their actions.

    Ultimately, the facts of each case will help determine the best choice in that specific circumstance.

    Benefits of a Jury Trial

    All six jurors would have to agree unanimously that the person is guilty in a Darien DUI jury trial. One of the main benefits is that the State would have to prove its case to six people, beyond a reasonable doubt, rather than just a Judge.

    Even if five of them think the person is guilty, the person is not going to be convicted during that jury trial if even one person feels that the State has failed to meet its burden. That is probably the most significant benefit of a Darien DUI jury trial.

    Cons of a Jury Trial

    Sometimes, a Darien DUI trial can be boring, especially when the State has an expert witness, and so does the defendant.

    Examinations and cross-examinations of experts can include scientific knowledge and background that some jurors might find hard to follow, or are just not interested in, and may not pay close attention to every single part of the case.

    Jury Selection Process

    In Connecticut, the jury selection process before a Darien DUI jury trial is more involved than it is in other states. Each side can individually question each potential juror to determine what their backgrounds are like and ascertain whether they know anyone that has been affected by a DUI, or if they personally have any issues with alcohol.

    It is a very good screening process to pick jurors that would be best for a particular Darien DUI case.

    Benefits of Local Counsel

    A charged person wants an experienced lawyer who can scrutinize all of the evidence and give their best advice as to whether or not there is a good chance of winning at trial.

    It is risky to go to trial, because if a person loses, there is potential jail time on the line. It is important to have someone who can first advise on the risks of going to trial and then to make sure everything is done properly, to protect the defendant’s rights during the trial, and to make sure that every helpful piece of evidence is presented to the jury or to the Judge.