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    Consequences of a Darien Hit and Run

    The potential consequences of a Darien hit and run include criminal penalties and a negative impact on your insurance rating. For help with your case, contact a top Darien hit and run lawyer.

    What is Evading Responsibility in Darien, CT?

    Connecticut General Statutes (C.G.S.) §14-224 defines hit and run as  “evasion of responsibility in operation of motor vehicles.”

    Drivers may be found guilty of evading responsibility if they are knowingly involved in an accident that causes property damage or injury to another person and they fail to stop to provide assistance and contact information. The consequences of a Darien hit and run are more severe when the accident results in injuries, serious injuries, or death.

    What are the Criminal Penalties for Hit and Run in Connecticut?

    When a hit and run involves no injuries, only property damage, the driver may be fined between $75 and $600 and face up to one year in jail. If the driver has a prior conviction, the fine increases to a minimum of $100 and a maximum of $1,000

    If a hit and run causes another person to suffer a non-serious injury, then the potential term of imprisonment increases to five years. This is the same sentence as a Class D felony. However, the fine remains in the $75-$600 range for a first offense and increases to $100-$1000 for subsequent offenses.

    Drivers in Darien involved in a hit and run resulting in serious physical injuries or death face consequences similar to those associated with Class A or B felonies. The court may sentence a driver to as many as 20 years in prison. In addition, the court may assess a fine of up to $20,000.

    What is a Serious Physical Injury?

    Under C.G.S. §53a-3, a serious physical injury is one which:

    • Causes serious disfigurement;
    • Seriously impairs health;
    • Creates a substantial risk of death;
    • It causes serious loss of function in a bodily organ.

    What are the Long-Term Consequences of an Evading Responsibility Conviction?

    For some drivers, the most substantial consequences of a Darien hit and run stem from the damage to their record and reputation. Evasion of responsibility will remain on a record for years and may make an individual appear untrustworthy. This could affect job opportunities and other aspects of life far into the future. Additionally, a hit and run can raise insurance rates.

    Will My Driver’s License be Suspended After a Hit and Run?

    Drivers convicted of hit and run often lose driving privileges under C.G.S. §14-111. The length of a suspension will depend on the circumstances. If the hit and run is treated as a felony, the suspension usually lasts a year. If additional offenses are involved or a driver has prior convictions, a license suspension could be even longer.

    Discuss Your Hit and Run Case with a Darien Lawyer

    Drivers charged with hit and run are advised to consult an experienced attorney who can explain the ramifications and options for defense. The consequences of a Darien hit and run are far more severe than most people realize, so drivers should consider their alternatives carefully before pleading guilty to this offense. For more information, call Mark Sherman Law and schedule a consultation.