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    Greenwich Forgery Lawyer

    As defined by Greenwich law, forgery occurs when a person falsely completes a written document in a way that is used to obtain information of value from another person with the intent to defraud, deceive, or injure that person.

    If an individual is facing forgery charges, they should consult with an experienced attorney as soon as possible. An experienced Greenwich forgery lawyer can help to reduce or dismiss any potential penalties associated with the charge.

    Common Examples of Forgery

    Forgery occurs when somebody either obtains a fake form of identification, or when an individual alters or creates a written document that can be used to obtain something of value or changing a document that is a government issued document.

    There is also check forgery, which is when somebody creates a check or other written instrument that is reported to have value, and they fill it out in a way that would make it seem like they have the authority to use it when they do not.

    Forgery also occurs on contracts. An individual may sign the other person’s name on a contract to make it look like somebody has agreed to something that they did not. These are probably the three areas that are most common in forgery type cases. No matter the type of charge, an individual should consult with a Greenwich forgery attorney to begin preparing a defense.

    Fake ID Charges

    In certain areas of the state where there are many colleges, such as Fairfield and Storrs, there are many college students that may possess fake IDs.

    Law enforcement, in places where there are more college students, will be more focused on seeking out fake IDs and punishing those for the possession of fake IDs. This charge is a Class D Felony, because the person is altering a government issued document that is supposed to be created by a public office.

    People think that fake IDs are not that serious, however, it does meet the definition of forgery. Some college students that are caught with fake IDs were charged with a felony version of forgery. Any individual charged with possession of a fake ID should not hesitate before contacting a forgery attorney in Greenwich.

    Relevant Evidence

    The essential evidence in a Greenwich forgery charge is the written instrument that is claimed to have been forged. This is the start and the end of the evidence that is needed in terms of physical evidence.

    Outside of the actual physical documents claimed to have been forged, the next step is for the state or government to show that the document was created in unauthorized way. The prosecution must connect the dots between the document that was made in an unauthorized way and that it was created by the person charged with forgery or used for the benefit of the person charged with forgery.

    That is more in the case of a fake ID. It does not matter that the student did not make the fake ID, but that they are using the fake ID with knowledge that it is was created in a false manner. This makes them just as guilty of forgery as if they made it themselves. Such processes can be best explained by a Greenwich forgery attorney.

    Benefit of an Attorney

    There are many benefits to retaining a forgery lawyer in Greenwich. They can help an individual understand whether there are any defenses worth pursuing in denying any liability to show that it is not a forged instrument.

    Further, they can help a person understand that even if they did alter or create the document in an unauthorized way, they do not need to speak to law enforcement about it. They do not need to provide law enforcement with the evidence that they may need to create the essential elements of forgery.

    An experienced Greenwich forgery lawyer can help the person understand whether they should be speaking to law enforcement or to the government in order to show that there was a rational explanation for the incident or to otherwise to stay silent so the government has a harder time proving it.

    The Greenwich forgery lawyer can not only keep the client from incriminating themselves, but also finds ways in which the alleged forged document can be called into question. A good forgery lawyer in Greenwich will have worked or dealt with experts on handwriting exemplars, or signature experts, that can call into question whether something is in fact a forgery or not.

    Ultimately, a jury or a judge would be making this decision without knowing exactly what the defendant’s perspective is on it. The defendant has the right to remain silent.

    The government would have to essentially prove this without the benefit of knowing whether and to what extent the defendant was involved in this purported forgery, from their own mouth.