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    Greenwich Identity Theft Charges

    Usually, an individual is brought up on Greenwich identity theft charges when the person whose identity has been stolen becomes aware of it and reports it.

    An investigation ensues, and law enforcement, or the particular vendor or business that was involved in the illegal transaction, starts a forensic analysis and investigation to figure out who is to blame. A capable identity theft attorney can work tirelessly to defend your case.

    Investigating Identity Theft Charges

    When going through this investigation, law enforcement will go back through the transactions and trace the identity of the person that made it possible to figure out who the identity thief was in this instance. To combat such investigations, an individual must hire an experienced identity theft attorney in Greenwich.

    Importance of Disclosing Information

    First and foremost is anything that the defendant received from law enforcement should be given to the attorney. This would be anything that law enforcement has shared with them and anything that the defendant has shared with law enforcement.

    Notwithstanding the fact that somebody that might have made a mistake by speaking with law enforcement, it is better for the attorney to know what law enforcement knows so that the Greenwich identity theft attorney can help identify the best defense and past strategy moving forward to defend the case in the most appropriate manner.

    When to Consider Taking a Plea Deal

    A person should always consider taking a plea deal at any stage of the proceedings. One of the jobs of the attorney is not only to find what the person’s best defenses are and to help investigate and prepare those defenses, but the attorney is also going to seek out the best options for a plea deal that are potentially available.

    Reviewing the Plea Deal

    The individual’s lawyer should review the risks and the likelihoods of being convicted based on the potential defenses available to them, and then the person can make an educated decision as to whether it is worth the risk or whether it is better to take the plea deal and the negotiated penalty that is associated with that plea deal.

    Once the person facing Greenwich identity theft charges knows what their best option is for resolving the case, then they have a better idea of whether they should take the plea deal or challenge it at trial.

    Consequences of Conviction

    The accused individual is dealing with felony-level Greenwich identity theft charges. Felonies create a very negative stigma for a person that is convicted.

    A felony charge can hurt job opportunities and can restrict certain rights that the person has, whether that is to vote or hold certain state licenses. To best defend against such restrictions, an individual should contact a Greenwich identity theft lawyer immediately.

    Such consequences would also affect them financially if and when they have to pay fines and/or they are ordered to make restitution, meaning that they have to pay the person back for whatever it is that they took.

    Essential Information When Contacting a Lawyer

    The accused should be able to have a rational explanation for why they might have used the person’s information in that way, their perspective on what actually happened, and any information to support that. This may be in the form of emails or text messages between the defendant and somebody that they are claiming was the victim of the identity theft.

    The purpose of all of that information would be to show that there was potential authorized activity or that there was a reason or a good explanation why they acted in that way. The defendant needs to show that they did not engage in that kind of activity. If you want to know more about Greenwich identity theft charges, or need help defending yourself against these charges, contact an attorney today.