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    Greenwich Hit and Run Arrests

    A hit and run is the common term for the charge of evading responsibility. This means an individual was knowingly involved in a car accident and did not stop the vehicle and provide information or render aid.

    If for whatever reason, they cannot stop their car, they become responsible for notifying the authorities. In doing so, they are expected to provide information that the authorities need to deal with the accident.

    When a person is involved knowingly in an accident and does not stop or get in touch with the authorities, they have committed a hit and run offense. A distinguished evading responsibility lawyer can help you build a defense that protects your future.

    Defining a Hit and Run

    The individual on the motorcycle must be knowingly involved in an accident that has caused at least some damage to property, injury or the death of a person. There needs to be some sort of damage present for the crime to have been committed. However, the individual does not have to perceive that there is damage done to another vehicle, another person, or another piece of property like a mailbox or something. It is just the fact that an accident has occurred.

    Individuals may be found guilty if they were involved in an accident, knew they were involved in the accident, or did not notify the authorities. The only way individuals do not risk Greenwich evading responsibility arrests is if there was absolutely no damage done to the property of another or another person.

    Importance of Minimizing Interactions

    An individual’s lawyer can help them deal with the authorities to the extent that there is still a need to deal with the authorities. Any person that facing Greenwich evading responsibility arrests should minimize their conversation and interaction with the police or authorities as much as possible without an attorney present.

    In the case of a police officer, the fact that the person may provide incriminating information and with respect to the other person involved in the accident, the other person is likely to not be very happy with a person accused of hit and run.

    Speaking with Others Involved

    The attorney can help communicate with the authorities and potentially with the other person involved in the accident. Neither the other person nor the authorities are a good idea for the person to speak.

    It is important for the attorney to be able to gauge the third person’s feelings and reactions and what he or she may be looking for before the person accused with hit and run should speak to the third person involved in the accident.

    Role of an Attorney

    A hit and run as it is commonly understood is the crime of evading responsibility. If an individual is aware that they hit something or someone while leaving the, they can face Greenwich evading responsibility arrests.

    A skilled attorney can help investigate why the incident occurred. They can determine how those reasons can be used to either negate the essential elements of the alleged crime or help lower the punishment.

    Lawyers can help the process of making sure that insurance can cover the damage that occurred. The more an individual and their lawyer can do to ensure coverage, the less inclined a prosecutor and judge will be to penalize the person that is accused of the hit and run or evading responsibility.