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    Challenging a Greenwich Evading Responsibility Arrest

    If a person is charged with an evading responsibility charge, the first step they should take contact a distinguished hit and run lawyer. They could potentially try challenging a Greenwich evading responsibility arrest and can walk the potential client through the defense process. The attorney will want to gather some documentation right away and will also want to obtain a copy of the police report to see if the police did everything they were supposed to do in making the arrest.

    Can Someone Challenge an Evading Responsibility Charge?

    It is often difficult to try challenging a Greenwich evading responsibility arrest prior to the case going to court. However, once the case gets to court, if there is anything that the police said that was unconstitutional or anything problematic with the way they read their rights or anything like that, the defense attorney will try to find any evidence that can be subject of a Motion to Suppress. While they might not be able to challenge the arrest itself, they might be able to challenge the evidence that they have, and if they are able to get rid of that evidence, that might actually dispose of the entire case.

    Importance of Clarifying Accusations of Driving Under the Influence

    A lot of police officers in Connecticut, including those of the Greenwich Police Department, often think that the reason someone leaves the scene of an accident is because they were under the influence of either alcohol or a drug. It is important to show them that there was another reason which could be just as simple, e.g. that someone was scared and did not want to get into trouble.

    If law enforcement and the prosecutors think that they left the scene because they were under the influence, they will think that the person should have been charged with a DUI and did not by leaving the scene. They will want to treat them little more harshly. It is important to confront that and show that there is another reason when it is possible.

    How can Blood Alcohol Content be Determined?

    Blood alcohol content can be determined by a person taking a breathalyzer test, by giving a urine sample, or a blood sample. In a case where someone goes to the hospital and their blood is drawn for their treatment, the blood can be requested with a warrant to be tested. In cases where somebody leaves the scene of an accident, if they were not under the influence of drug or alcohol, an attorney might advise them to voluntarily get a test done themselves. That way they can use the results of that test in court to show that the person was not under the influence of drugs or alcohol at the time of the accident.

    How an Attorney Can Help

    When challenging a Greenwich evading responsibility arrest, a criminal lawyer will want to talk to the potential client right away and get their version of what happened to find out what defenses they have available. They will also want to gather some documentation from their client such as proof of registration, proof of a valid license, and proof of insurance on the day in question. From there, an attorney will file an Appearance with the court to let the court know that they are going to be representing the client, and from there they can request a police report to review with the potential client.