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    Greenwich Evading Responsibility Arrest Process

    While it can be scary to be involved in a hit-and-run, it is never a good idea to flee the scene of the accident. In doing so, you are committing a crime by evading responsibility. Evading responsibility can come with its own consequences, and can eventually get you into more trouble than you initially had, potentially resulting in an arrest. Following a Greenwich evading responsibility arrest, an individual is charged with a crime, provided a court date, and a bond is set.

    If the bond is posted, the person will be assigned a court date anywhere from a week to ten days later. If the bond is not posted, then the person will be presented for arraignment at the next open court date. If you want to know more about evading responsibility in Greenwich, contact a distinguished defense attorney who can help.

    Greenwich Booking Process

    Following a Greenwich evading responsibility arrest, the person will be taken into custody. The person will be processed, meaning the officer will take down their individual information. The officer will conduct any background check for any other outstanding warrants or any other information about the person in any law enforcement database.

    Then, the officer will set the amount of bond that is all part of the processing procedures, set the next court date if the bond is posted, and provide any other notices and advisements that are necessary under the particular circumstances.

    If a Person is Not Brought to the Police Station, Where Do They Go?

    If a person is not brought to the police station, they could just be served with a summons to appear in court. The individual would be given a legal notice stating the charges and a date to appear in court and that would be it. There are no immediate restrictions following the arrest.

    If an individual has posted the bond, they might have to wait anywhere from seven to ten days for their first court date. If bond has not been posted, then the person must be brought into court the first date available. The person will have several court appearances throughout the process before the charges are resolved. Every single court appearance is mandatory.

    Notifying Insurance Companies

    One of the other major things someone should be aware of following a Greenwich evading responsibility arrest is that there may be claims being made on their insurance for whatever damage was caused. These claims will be going on simultaneously to the court process, and to the extent possible, it is a good thing to make sure the person’s insurance company is notified of the accident.

    Furthermore, the insurance company should have access to the accident report issued by the police. The driver should not share or provide a statement to the insurance about the accident, but can feel free to provide background information and identifying information to the insurance company, and can refer the company back to the accident report if they have additional questions.

    If the driver wants to disclose more information, they should do so in the presence of their attorney. If you want to know more about the Greenwich evading responsibility arrest process, contact a qualified lawyer that can advocate for you.