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    Greenwich Evading Responsibility Charges

    A hit and run is the common term used for evading responsibility. It is an instance where somebody hits something or gets in an accident and leaves the scene. Leaving the scene after an accident is not by itself evading responsibility, but it is a major part of it. A distinguished hit and run attorney can help you plan a defense to protect your future and reputation.

    Defining Failure to Provide Information

    Failure to provide information is considered part of a evading responsibility charge. If the person is stopped and pulled over to the side, but is refusing to provide necessary information that may be another form of evading responsibility.

    Do Drivers have a Duty to Cooperate?

    Individuals have a duty is to stop and a duty to provide information that would be needed to deal with the accident. This means sharing a driver’s license, registration, insurance number, and other information that would help resolve the situation after the fact.

    However, there is no responsibility to call the police. The responsibility is to stop and render such assistance as may be needed and provide the name, address, license number, and registration to the person injured.

    Individuals are under the obligation of calling emergency services if a person appears to be in need of immediate medical services. In that instance, if they have not contacted medical services, they have failed to meet their duty to render assistance as may be needed.

    Role of the Accused

    Other than providing the name, their license number, their registration number, and any sort of insurance information, individuals do not need to do anything else. They do not need to say what happened, they do not need to speak to the officer, they do not need to say sorry to the other person involved in the incident.

    They do not even need to talk to the other person other than to provide the information that they need to provide and render any assistance that is appropriate under the circumstances, the most of which would be to notify emergency services of the identify of a person that may be injured at the time.

    What are the Rights of the Accused?

    Everybody has a right to plead not guilty and require that the state prove all the elements of the crime. They also have the right to present any evidence and a defense. They are allowed to present evidence that casts doubt on the state’s case.

    Risk of Providing False Identification

    Providing false identification would not be fulfilling the duty to provide their identification. In other words, by providing false identification, it is the same as having provided no identification. They may also be arrested or charged with interfering with an officer.

    Hiring an Attorney

    The likelihood of that being believed will largely depend on the significance of the accident. It is hard to imagine a way someone would not have been aware of their accident. If they left the scene knowingly, they did not fulfill their obligations. If you have been charged with a hit and run offense it may be critical to contact an attorney to build your defense.