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Greenwich Evading Responsibility Lawyer

Evading responsibility in Greenwich is the same thing as a hit-and-run. Evading responsibility can bring about penalties which can be quite burdensome on any individual involved. One example of evading responsibility is when a person is involved in a one-car accident with their car and flees the scene, or is in a two-car accident and then leaves the scene without stopping to give assistance and provide their contact information.

To ensure that your charge is properly defended in court, it is pertinent that any individual facing such a charge contact an attorney as soon as possible. A knowledgeable lawyer will be able to help reduce or lessen any penalties that you may be up against.

Defining an Evading Responsibility Charge

Evading responsibility is when an individual gets into an accident and then leaves the scene and drives away. Even when there is just minor property damage, leaving the scene still counts as evading responsibility. An individual needs to stop and give their identification and insurance information before leaving. In some instances, evading responsibility could be failure to call the police especially when liability is contested. The police are called to be able to assign fault.

Providing false identification is a separate crime in itself, so it is not quite an evading responsibility charge. Technically, the individual involved stopped, but by providing false identification, especially to a police officer, they can get in trouble and be charged with forgery or other crimes in Connecticut that can make the situation more complicated.


Inaction alone will not get anyone arrested for evading responsibility. An individual might be charged with some other motor vehicle violations or infractions, but just inaction alone does not get anyone arrested for evading responsibility. A Greenwich evading responsibility attorney can best help an individual determine exactly what they have been charged with.

Challenging the Arrest

The first way to challenge an arrest is that the person charged is not the individual involved in the accident. For example, someone may report that they were hit by a blue car, but did not record the plate number. Then, an individual who happens to be driving a blue car is arrested, but they may not be the individual that had been involved in the accident.

If the individual is not the one involved in the accident, they could challenge the arrest by trying to show proof of that. This can best be done using the knowledge of a Greenwich lawyer.

Bringing About the Charge

There are a few different subsections of the statute that identify ways someone can be charged with evading responsibility. The most serious is when an individual causes another person’s death.

On a lesser charge, an individual might have a situation where they caused serious physical injury, such as disfigurement, a broken or a fractured bone, or some other physical injury.

Then, there could be lesser physical injury, which is something like bruising or things of that nature.

The lowest form of evading responsibility is property damage. This happens when an individual drives onto another individual’s property and causes extensive damage. In Connecticut, an individual can be charged with these subsections throughout the state. A Greenwich evading responsibility attorney can utilize various defense strategies to challenge any degree of such a charge.

Felony vs. Misdemeanor

Whether an evading responsibility charge is a felony or a misdemeanor in Greenwich depends on which subsection the person is charged with. For example, if they are charged with causing someone’s death or physical injury, it is often a felony charge. When someone is charged with property damage, however, it is a misdemeanor charge. The charge depends on the amount of damage.

A seasoned lawyer will be able to determine the best strategies to employ based on the severity of the charge.

Evading Responsibility & DUI

Sometimes, evading responsibility is an added charge. It is commonly charged with a DUI in Greenwich, because very often when someone is under the influence of alcohol and is involved in an accident, they drive away to avoid the police. That is why officers take these charges so seriously, because they almost always assume that someone left the scene because they were under the influence.

However, evading responsibility is also charged on its own with a motor vehicle infraction. For example, an individual may have been following another too closely, resulting in a rear-end collision. Then, the individual could leave the scene before dealing with the incident. This could result in said individual being handed a charge.

Benefits of an Attorney

When someone is charged with evading responsibility in Greenwich, they should get in touch with an attorney right away. An individual should reach out to an experienced Greenwich evading responsibility lawyer who has knowledge in this particular area. If the person has not yet been arrested, they should try to have the attorney get in touch with the Greenwich Police Department to see if there is any way to prevent an arrest.

If the person was already arrested, they should get an attorney involved from the beginning. The attorney can start to gather paperwork, scrutinize the police reports, as well as obtain and preserve evidence before the individual enters a court room, so much of the work is done ahead of time.