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    Greenwich Speeding Lawyer

    If you have ever been on the receiving end of a Greenwich Connecticut speeding ticket, then you know that paying a fine is just the icing on a 7 layer cake of Connecticut DMV penalties and paperwork. But as the top Greenwich Connecticut Speeding ticket lawyers and attorneys know all too well, the real hurt and penalties are much more long term—such as being assessed Connecticut DMV Points, having your Connecticut driver’s license suspended, and watching your auto insurance rates go sky high. Plus, as any of the best Greenwich Connecticut Speeding ticket lawyers would advise, in the event you want to fight your Greenwich Connecticut Speeding Ticket on your own, then you may have to take a full day off from work to go to court and deal with your ticket—unless you hire a top Greenwich Connecticut traffic attorney who can likely get your appearance in court excused and give you the best chance to get your Greenwich Connecticut Speeding ticket ripped up and dismissed.

    Don’t Plead Guilty by Mail to Your Greenwich Connecticut Speeding Ticket

    While we understand that Greenwich Connecticut police officers issue Speeding tickets in an effort to keep drivers safe, they sometimes show little sensitivity and discretion, as they often can easily just choose to issue a written warning to drivers instead of hammering them with expensive tickets and fines. The surge in Greenwich Connecticut Speeding and Cell Phone tickets can be attributed to a statewide effort to increase revenue for Fairfield County cities and towns. While we often try to help our readers avoid Greenwich Connecticut Speeding tickets (see our Top 5 Ways to Avoid Getting a Greenwich Connecticut Speeding Ticket), the Greenwich Police still manage to dole out thousands of Speeding and Cell Phone Tickets a year. So if you have been pulled over and slapped with a Greenwich Connecticut Speeding ticket under C.G.S. 14-219, a Greenwich Connecticut Traveling Unreasonably Fast ticket per C.G.S. 14-218a, or a Greenwich Connecticut Cell Phone ticket under C.G.S. 14-296aa, top Greenwich Connecticut criminal lawyers would agree that you should never plead guilty by mail without first contacting a top Greenwich Connecticut Speeding ticket attorney lawyer. Mailing in a guilty plea by mail to your Greenwich Connecticut Speeding ticket can quickly result in DMV Points, increased insurance premiums, or even your Connecticut driver’s license suspended. That’s why you should let a top Greenwich Traveling Unreasonably Fast lawyer try to work out a favorable disposition for you with state prosecutors that will not impact your driving privileges.

    The Difference between Greenwich Connecticut Speeding and Traveling Unreasonably Fast Tickets

    The best Greenwich Connecticut traffic lawyers will tell you that if you are pulled over for Speeding in Greenwich Connecticut, then a police officer can issue you a Greenwich Speeding Ticket, C.G.S. 14-219, or a Traveling Unreasonably Fast Ticket, C.G.S. 14-218a. What law you are charged with violating depends on how many miles over the Greenwich Connecticut speed limit you are accused of traveling. If you were driving up to 20 miles per hour over the speed limit, then you will get ticketed in Greenwich Connecticut for Travelling Unreasonably Fast (C.G.S. 14-218a). Anything over 20 miles per hour the speed limit in Greenwich Connecticut is Speeding (C.G.S. 14-219). Both are traffic infractions (not crimes) that carry a one-point DMV penalty (follow this link to learn more about Connecticut’s DMV Points system and to see how many DMV points your traffic infraction carries). And if you are a teenaged driver, then the penalties are enhanced. Top Greenwich Connecticut Speeding Ticket lawyers know that 16 and 17-year-old Greenwich drivers risk an automatic driver’s license suspension when they mail in a guilty plea for a C.G.S. 14-219 Greenwich Speeding Ticket. That’s why it’s critical for 16-year-old and 17-year-old Greenwich Connecticut drivers charged with Speeding to get their Speeding ticket reduced or dismissed. Click here to learn more about mandatory license suspensions for 16-year-old and 17-year old Greenwich Connecticut drivers.

    Plead “Not Guilty” to Your Greenwich Connecticut Speeding Ticket

    When deciding how to handle your Greenwich Speeding Ticket or Greenwich Travelling Unreasonably Fast Ticket, you must proceed with caution. Many people falsely believe that pleading “no contest” and mailing in their ticket is the easiest option. But be advised: a plea of “no contest” to your Greenwich Connecticut Speeding Ticket, also known as “nolo contendere” plea, is the equivalent of a guilty plea. The language on the back of your Greenwich Speeding Ticket is misleading. Pleading guilty and paying a fine can get your Connecticut driver’s license suspended and will be reported to your insurance carrier. Follow this link for more on Connecticut DMV’s point system and the 4-strikes-suspension penalty system for Connecticut moving violations. So the best thing to do when you are issued a Greenwich Connecticut Speeding Ticket is to plead “not guilty” and mail your Greenwich Speeding Ticket to the Connecticut Central Infractions Bureau, as instructed on the back of your ticket. The Speeding Ticket will be transferred to Stamford Superior Court where you and your top Stamford Connecticut Speeding Ticket lawyer attorney can fight the ticket to a possible dismissal. If you have already mailed in a “guilty” plea to your Greenwich Speeding ticket and sent in the fine money, it may not be too late to undo the damage. Any of the best Greenwich Connecticut Speeding Ticket lawyers may be able to help you reverse that guilty plea and restore your Connecticut driver’s license. To learn more about reversing Greenwich Connecticut guilty pleas to Speeding, Cell Phone and Marijuana infraction tickets, and restoring your Connecticut driver’s license, click here.

    Fighting Your Greenwich Connecticut Speeding Ticket – Getting Your Radar and Laser Speed Calculations Thrown Out of Court

    Police frequently charge drivers for Speeding or Travelling Unreasonably Fast in Greenwich Connecticut using radar or laser speed detection devices. Top Greenwich Connecticut traffic infraction lawyers know that neither laser technology nor radar devices are completely reliable. Many of the best Stamford Connecticut Speeding Ticket lawyers have received specific training in challenging the scientific reliability of these radar and laser devices. Was the device properly calibrated prior to its use on the day your were ticketed? Does the police department maintain proper maintenance records for the device? Was the radar or laser device actually directed at your vehicle and not someone else’s at the time of detection? Was there a lot of traffic on the road? This is a critical issue because if you were driving on a busy Greenwich street or Connecticut highway, then a laser or radar gun would have difficult locking onto your motor vehicle. As soon as someone knows a radar or laser clocked their speed, they tend to just plead guilty and mail in their Greenwich Connecticut Speeding ticket without first speaking with a top Greenwich Speeding ticket lawyer. This is the wrong approach. While police in Greenwich Connecticut issue thousands of Speeding tickets each year, only a small percentage of these tickets are actually scrutinized and challenged in Stamford Superior Court. Police officers can and do make mistakes, which give you and your top Connecticut Speeding ticket attorney lawyer all the more reason to fight your Greenwich Connecticut Speeding ticket to a dismissal.

    Will I Have to Appear in Court to Fight My Greenwich Speeding Ticket?

    Probably not. If you hire a top Greenwich Connecticut Speeding, Cell Phone or Marijuana ticket criminal lawyer to fight your Greenwich Connecticut Speeding ticket, then you probably will not have to appear in court with your lawyer. The first step is having your top Greenwich Connecticut Speeding ticket lawyer plead “not guilty” on your behalf. They will handle all the paperwork. The next step is having your Greenwich Speeding Ticket lawyer fight your ticket in Stamford Superior Court, and hopefully your appearance will be excused by the prosecutor or judge. However, for the more serious Greenwich Connecticut Speeding tickets, called a “Misdemeanor Summons and Complaint,” you will have to report to Stamford Superior Court. This type of ticket, which is a bit more serious than your average traffic infraction, requires you to appear in court even if you have hired a top Greenwich Connecticut criminal lawyer. The bottom line is that no matter what your tickets says, you should never enter a plea of “guilty” to any Greenwich Connecticut Speeding ticket without fully discussing the consequences of that plea with your top Greenwich Connecticut Traffic ticket lawyer.

    A Greenwich Connecticut Speeding Ticket’s Negative Impact On Your Insurance

    No matter what the back of your ticket says, a guilty plea to a 14-219 Greenwich Connecticut Speeding ticket or a 14-218a Greenwich Traveling Unreasonably Fast ticket will result in a conviction for that traffic infraction. Moreover, any guilty plea to a Greenwich Connecticut Speeding ticket tarnishes your Connecticut DMV driving record. This may not seem like a big deal, but this driving record is made available to your insurance carrier each year. Thus, when it’s time for your insurance carrier’s annual review of your insurance police, the carrier will review your driving history for the preceding years. After reviewing your driving record, your insurance carrier has the option of increasing your insurance premium, or even worse, refusing to renew your automobile insurance for the upcoming year. Why would the carrier take a risk on a high-risk driver with one or more Speeding violations? So before you plead guilty to your Greenwich Speeding Ticket, you should speak with a top Connecticut criminal lawyer attorney to discuss the consequences that the plea will have on your Connecticut driving privileges, your driving record, and your automobile insurance coverage.

    Contact a Greenwich Connecticut Speeding Ticket Lawyer at Mark Sherman Law Today

    The Greenwich Connecticut Speeding Ticket attorneys and lawyers at Mark Sherman Law handle a large volume of traffic infractions. Each week you can find us in Stamford Superior Court fighting Greenwich Connecticut Speeding tickets, Travelling Unreasonably Fast tickets, Cell Phone tickets, and Greenwich Connecticut Marijuana infraction tickets. We will pick apart the Greenwich Police Department’s case against you, look closely for defenses based on technicalities, and do everything we can to persuade the prosecutors to drop your case. Our sole goal is results: getting your Greenwich Speeding ticket ripped up, with no DMV points, no license suspension, no higher insurance premiums and no hassle for you. So call us today at (203) 358-4700 to learn how we can help you start the process of getting your Greenwich Connecticut Speeding ticket dismissed.