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    Penalties of a Disorderly Conduct Conviction at the Mohegan Sun Casino

    Being accused of criminal Disorderly Conduct while visiting the Mohegan Sun Casino can have more serious repercussions for you than you might think, including not just criminal penalties but also negative effects on your personal and professional life separate from the criminal justice system. Representation from a seasoned private defense lawyer can be crucial to minimizing all forms of Mohegan Sun Casino Disorderly Conduct penalties, but in the meantime, it can be helpful to know in advance what kinds of consequences this sort of charge can possibly have.

    Criminal Sanctions for a Disorderly Conduct Conviction

    While Mohegan Sun Casino is on the Mohegan Reservation, crimes committed there are prosecuted under the Connecticut General Statutes and through the Connecticut court system. Disorderly Conduct is defined as a Class C misdemeanor under Connecticut General Statutes § 53a-182. Someone convicted of this offense could be sentenced to a maximum jail term of three months, a period of probation, and/or $500 in fines.

    It is worth emphasizing, though, that these are the maximum possible sentences that a court has the authority to impose against someone convicted of this offense. Each individual judge has significant leeway to decide what sort of sanctions equal to or below those maximum amounts is appropriate for a specific defendant. Especially for first-time offenders, a Disorderly Conduct defense attorney may be able to negotiate with the court on a defendant’s behalf for probation alone as an alternative to jail time, or for other forms of sanctions like community service or mandatory anger management counseling. In some situations, your attorney could even negotiate the charges to be dropped off your record altogether.

    Other Consequences for Domestic Violence Disorderly Conduct

    Someone who targets a family or household member with an act of Disorderly Conduct at the Mohegan Sun Casino may have their offense classified as “family violence.” This would not allow a court to impose penalties over the maximums listed above in the event of a conviction, but it would substantially speed up the early stages of the court process, and a judge may use it as grounds to impose a protective order against the defendant which may restrict where they can go and who they can talk to before their case formally concludes.

    Sometimes, an accusation of domestic violence Disorderly Conduct at the Mohegan Sun may even lead to the Connecticut Department of Children and Families (DCF) investigating the defendant to see if they pose a risk of harming minor children in their household. If the DCF finds evidence to “substantiate” this suspicion, they may impose penalties of their own—up to and including loss of custody rights—against the target of their investigation even if they were never committed of any criminal wrongdoing. To learn more about advocacy during a DCF investigation, click here.

    What Will the Mohegan Sun Casino Do?

    While not as serious a matter as criminal sanctions or DCF investigation, it is worth noting as well that the Mohegan Sun Casino will typically issue a lifetime ban for anyone arrested and convicted for Disorderly Conduct at their property. Furthermore, the Mohegan Sun will likely pass information about that offense on to other casinos around Connecticut and potentially in other states as well, which could lead to reciprocal bans there.

    Talk to an Attorney About Penalties for Disorderly Conduct at the Mohegan Sun Casino

    While Disorderly Conduct is categorized as a minor misdemeanor under the Connecticut Penal Code, the impacts that a charge of this nature may have on your life are not to be taken lightly. If you want to give yourself the best chance possible of avoiding Mohegan Sun Casino Disorderly Conduct penalties like the ones mentioned above, contacting a qualified defense attorney quickly after your arrest should be a top priority. Schedule a private meeting by calling the Law Offices of Mark Sherman today and click here to see what previous clients have to say about working with our trusted team.