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    Mohegan Sun Casino Disorderly Conduct Lawyer

    If you’ve been arrested at Mohegan Sun Casino for disorderly conduct, a top criminal defense lawyer can help you navigate the court process, protect your rights and fight the charges to help you resolve the problem.

    What If I Didn’t Intend to Break the Law?

    Simply not knowing a crime exists, or not knowing that you’re breaking it is not a defense. However, if it can be shown that you did not act with the specific intent spelled out in Connecticut General Statutes (C.G.S.) §53a-182, you may be able to avoid a conviction.

    To be guilty of disorderly conduct you must either intend to cause inconvenience, annoyance or alarm or recklessly create the risk of the same.

    A disorderly conduct lawyer can work to collect evidence to rebut the suggestion that you intended to inconvenience, annoy, or alarm or that you recklessly created the risk of the same. The best time to collect evidence is shortly after an incident, so is it wise to start working on defense preparation as soon as possible.

    What Is the Definition of Disorderly Conduct?

    Apart from the intent explained above, you must actually have undertaken an action. The statute does not specify specific acts that are or are not violations, so there is some discretion on the behalf of the police.

    Conduct that can be considered to violate the statute includes:

    • Making unreasonable noise
    • Annoying or interfering with another person by offensive or disorderly conduct
    • Fighting or threatening someone
    • Congregating in a public place and not dispersing quickly when told to do so
    • Disturbing a lawful assembly
    • Obstructing pedestrian or vehicular traffic

    Many of the terms used can be interpreted broadly, so to avoid a conviction, it is important to take a thoughtful approach to defense.

    What Are the Consequences for Disturbing the Peace?

    A Mohegan Sun Casino disorderly conduct attorney can seek alternative penalties, or even to have the case dismissed in certain circumstances. However, as a base, Disorderly Conduct is a Class C misdemeanor. The court may impose a fine of up to $500 and sentence a convicted individual to as much as three months of jail.

    Work with a Mohegan Sun Casino Disorderly Conduct Attorney

    While it can be easy for prosecutors to obtain a conviction for disorderly conduct, an experienced Mohegan Sun Casino disorderly conduct lawyer can take advantage of numerous strategies to defend against the charges and help reach a positive outcome. For a consultation to learn more about the benefits a defense attorney could provide in your case, call Mark Sherman Law today.