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    Investigating Domestic Violence Charges at Mohegan Sun Casino

    Even though the Mohegan Sun Casino is located entirely within the Mohegan reservation and is not directly under the jurisdiction of the Connecticut state government, Connecticut residents who violate the Connecticut Penal Code while at the casino can still be investigated and prosecuted by Connecticut authorities. For that reason, domestic violence investigations after an arrest at the Mohegan Sun Casino are just as serious as investigations into alleged domestic violence anywhere in Connecticut, and you should contact an experienced defense attorney as soon as possible if you find yourself the subject of one.

    Who Conducts Investigations Into Family Violence at the Mohegan Sun?

    The Mohegan Tribe and their reservation are both formally recognized by the Connecticut state and United States federal governments, which means they have sovereign authority to have their own police department and enforce their own laws within and immediately around the Mohegan Sun Casino. Additionally, virtually every public space in the Mohegan Sun is covered by high-tech security cameras, allowing casino security and Tribal police to see and record every unlawful act that occurs in those areas.

    In practice, this means that domestic violence investigations stemming from visits to Mohegan Sun typically begin with casino security seeing someone engage in Disorderly Conduct or some other criminal act targeting a family or household member, and then often detaining that person within the Tribal Police station. Importantly, though, the Mohegan Tribal Police work very closely with local Norwich police, Connecticut state troopers, and federal marshals to address illegal activity at the casino, so if someone engages in behavior that violates the Connecticut Penal Code and may ultimately be classified as a “family violence” offense, state-level authorities will generally be looped into the investigation at a fairly early stage.

    How to Handle a Domestic Violence Investigation Effectively

    Regardless of which law enforcement agency is leading it, investigations into domestic violence at the Mohegan Sun Casino or anywhere in Connecticut generally center around collecting and preserving evidence to prove that someone violated the Connecticut Penal Code, directly targeted a family or household member with their criminal act(s), and caused that family or household member to reasonably fear physical harm to themselves and/or a third party. With that in mind, evidence that typically plays a role in investigations of this nature includes:

    • Multiple rounds of interviews with everyone directly involved in the alleged incident;
    • Testimony from witnesses to the alleged incident;
    • Testimony from other family members and/or friends of the family about the relationship(s) between the allegedly involved parties;
    • Surveillance footage of the incident and/or behavior immediately before or after;
    • Medical reports detailing injuries sustained by involved parties; and/or
    • In some cases, testimony from investigators with the Department of Children and Families (“DCF”).

    While the investigation is ongoing, the most important action the target of the investigation can take to protect their rights and best interests is to stay silent and refrain from discussing the case with other people. Even a single poorly-phrased statement or answer to a leading question could be used as evidence in favor of a conviction, so it is always best to let a qualified defense attorney take the lead on interacting with law enforcement and other authorities.

    Get Professional Legal Help With Handling a Domestic Violence Investigation After an Arrest at the Mohegan Sun

    Dealing with a domestic violence allegation is hardly ever simple or straightforward, but it can be especially complicated when multiple law enforcement agencies from multiple sovereign territories are involved. Since this is very often how things play out during domestic violence investigations, it is crucial to have help from a seasoned legal professional who has handled arrests at the Mohegan Sun Casino efficiently and effectively in the past. Call the Law Offices of Mark Sherman today to discuss your options during a confidential consultation, and click here to read over 300 reviews from past clients.