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    Penalties After a Domestic Violence Arrest at Mohegan Sun Casino

    Even though the Mohegan Sun Casino is not technically within the state of Connecticut, any domestic violence offense committed at the casino or elsewhere on the Mohegan reservation will almost always be prosecuted at in Norwich Superior Court in accordance with the Connecticut Penal Code. As a result, penalties after an arrest for domestic violence at the Mohegan Sun Casino are the same as those you might face upon being convicted of a domestic violence offense that occurred anywhere in Connecticut—and if you try to move forward with your case without representation from a seasoned domestic violence defense attorney, those penalties are much more likely to be severe and life-altering.

    Are There Increased Criminal Penalties for Domestic Violence Offenses?

    While some states treat “domestic violence” as a distinct criminal offense with its own penalty structure upon conviction, Connecticut—and by association, the Mohegan Tribe enforcing the Connecticut Penal Code on casino guests—is not one of them. Instead, Connecticut courts can designate certain types of criminal offenses targeting a “family or household member” of the defendant as “family violence.”

    Depending on exactly what someone is accused of doing towards a family or household member, the criminal penalties associated with a domestic violence conviction could range from a few weeks in jail and a few hundreds of dollars in fines to multiple decades of state prison time and tens of thousands of dollars in fines. However, while some courts may be more inclined to get closer to the maximum allowed penalties for a “family violence” offense, the “family violence” designation does not formally increase those maximums.

    Expedited Arraignment and Prosecution

    One immediate effect that a “family violence” designation does have, though, is dramatically shortening the period of time between the arrest in question and when the arrested individual will have to first appear in court for their arraignment. Specifically, while most criminal defendants in Connecticut will have a few days or even weeks to prepare for arraignment, domestic violence defendants will be expected to appear on the very next business morning after their arrest, sometimes within a span of a few hours.

    Imposition of a Protective Order

    During an arraignment for domestic violence offenses in Connecticut and/or stemming from a Mohegan Sun Casino visit, a judge will impose a protective order against the defendant to ensure they do not cause any further harm while their case is ongoing. Depending on the situation, this order may just prohibit any further violent conduct or impose significant restrictions on the defendant’s personal liberty even before they are convicted of anything. If they are ultimately convicted, that order can be extended–and potentially expanded–into a standing criminal protective order.

    Investigation by the DCF

    Even if a domestic violence allegation stemming from a Mohegan Sun Casino visit does not result in criminal penalties, it can still lead to an investigation by the Department of Children and Families (“DCF”) into that defendant’s home life to determine whether they pose a risk of harming the minor children in that home. If this investigation “substantiates” that risk, the DCF can recommend that a family court take further action up to and including removing the children from the home and revoking custody and/or visitation rights from the defendant. Again, this can happen even if they are not convicted in criminal court of any domestic violence crime.

    Talk to Our Team About Possible Domestic Violence Penalties at the Mohegan Sun Casino

    This is just a brief overview of the repercussions that a domestic violence allegation—let alone a conviction—can have if you find yourself facing one in Connecticut or after visiting the Mohegan reservation. Representation from a seasoned attorney is essential to minimizing domestic violence penalties and getting the best possible outcome for your case after an arrest at the Mohegan Sun. Call the Law Offices of Mark Sherman today to schedule your confidential consultation, and click here to find out what our previous clients have to say about working with our team.