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    Domestic Violence Arrests in Mohegan Sun Casino

    While the Mohegan Sun Casino is located entirely within the Mohegan reservation and therefore is not directly under the jurisdiction of the state of Connecticut, the Mohegan Tribal Police work closely with Connecticut law enforcement to arrest and prosecute people who violate tribal law and/or the Connecticut Penal Code while at the casino. Because of that, domestic violence arrests at the Mohegan Sun Casino tend to work similarly to arrests of this nature elsewhere in Connecticut—including in how important it can be to get help from a seasoned domestic violence defense attorney as soon as possible after your arrest.

    How Do Domestic Violence Arrests Happen at the Mohegan Sun?

    The Mohegan Tribal Police have complete authority to enforce tribal law—and, if applicable, the Connecticut Penal Code—on people who are visiting the Mohegan Sun Casino. Accordingly, they have the authority to arrest and detain anyone they suspect has engaged in criminal conduct targeting a “family or household member” while on casino property—and since the Mohegan tribe has cameras recording virtually every square inch of public space in the casino, they often have video evidence to back up any decision they make to arrest someone.

    Historically, Mohegan Tribal Police have made domestic violence arrests at the casino for offenses defined in the Connecticut Penal Code as:

    Furthermore, at Mohegan Sun, “family or household member” has the same definition as it would throughout Connecticut—namely, someone who is a current or former spouse or intimate partner, a relative by blood or marriage, an adopted child, a co-parent of the same child, and/or a current or former cohabitant in the same dwelling as the defendant.

    What to Expect Immediately After a Domestic Violence Arrest

    Usually, people arrested for any kind of criminal offense at the Mohegan Sun Casino—including those categorized as “family violence”—are first detained at the Mohegan Tribal Police station and will then have their cases transferred to the Connecticut Superior Court in Norwich. Most of the time, the arrested person will also be removed from the casino and the Mohegan reservation as a whole, if they are not transferred directly into the custody of Connecticut police.

    If the arrest is for a suspected domestic violence crime, arraignment at the Norwich Superior Court will typically take place on the very next business morning after the arrest. Among other things, the arraignment will likely include the court imposing a protective order on the arrested person which will last until their case concludes and may restrict them from being physically close to or having any contact whatsoever with the family or household member they allegedly were violent towards.

    Let Our Team Help Handle Your Domestic Violence Arrest at the Mohegan Sun Casino

    No matter where it happens, being detained by law enforcement on the suspicion of engaging in a family violence offense is a very serious matter that can have long-lasting repercussions in both your personal and professional life. Fortunately, you have assistance available from seasoned legal counsel who can help you manage your domestic violence arrest at the Mohegan Sun Casino proactively. Call the Law Offices of Mark Sherman to schedule your confidential consultations and discuss your options, and click here to visit our Avvo profile with over 300 certified reviews to see what past clients have to say about working with us.