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    New Canaan Aggravated Assault Lawyer 

    There are many variations of the crime of assault in New Canaan, which makes the crime complicated, particularly when aggravating factors are in the mix to increase the severity of the offense.

    An arrest for aggravated assault can include assault in the first, second or third-degrees. These crimes can carry mandatory minimum jail sentences depending on the profile of the victim (pregnant, elderly, juvenile).

    If you have been arrested, contact a top New Canaan aggravated assault lawyer today to understand your rights. Reach out to a seasoned assault attorney that could begin crafting your defense.

    When Do Crimes Become Aggravated

    Among the most serious aggravated assault offenses are those involving sexual assault. This offense is treated as a class A or B felony with the potential for up to 20 or more years in prison and a fine of up to $20,000.

    The factors that escalate a charge to aggravated sexual assault include the use of a weapon, a serious or disfiguring injury, or the complicity of two or more accomplices. In addition, the jail sentences also dramatically increase if you are accused of sexually assaulting a minor under 16.

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    How Connecticut Defines Assault

    Connecticut statutes define many different versions of this crime. Generally, an assault can be said to take place when an individual makes violent physical contact with another person and the contact causes an injury. Factors such as the intent of the individual involved and the severity of the injury will determine how severely the offense is treated.

    Besides sexual and aggravated sexual assault as mentioned above, Connecticut statutes describe numerous other offenses. The most general are assault in the first, second, and third-degrees. Although third-degree assault is a misdemeanor punishable by no more than one year of imprisonment and a fine of no more than $2,000, the other charges are felonies with much higher penalties.

    Aggravating Factors in an Assault Arrest

    The factual circumstances surrounding the people involved in an assault incident will often aggravate the crime, thereby increasing the severity of the offense as well as potential penalties.

    Common situations that can cause an offense to be considered aggravated are:

    • A serious physical injury resulting from the incident
    • Use of a firearm or even simulated use of a firearm
    • Termination of a pregnancy resulting from the incident
    • A combination of three or more individuals involved in the incident
    • The incident involves an individual who is elderly or disabled

    A New Canaan aggravated assault lawyer could attempt to mitigate the impact that these factors may have on a person’s case.

    Contacting a New Canaan Aggravated Assault Attorney

    Because intent and reckless state of mind are key issues in a case, it is vital to make sure that all digital surveillance evidence—and social media evidence—are located and preserved. A New Canaan aggravated assault lawyer could file evidence to preserve motions before anything disappears.

    Help from an attorney with experience handling assault cases can make all the difference before, during and after the legal proceedings. When you work with any of the best criminal defense lawyers, your legal team can begin right away to start moving toward the best possible outcome in your case.