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    Benefits of a New Canaan Criminal Mischief Attorney

    If you were arrested for vandalizing property in New Canaan, CT, you could benefit from consulting with an experienced criminal mischief attorney. With help from a skilled lawyer, you could mount a strong defense and work towards a positive resolution of your charges.

    When Should I Call a Criminal Mischief Attorney?

    As soon as possible. Even if you have not yet been arrested, you could benefit from calling an attorney as soon as you become aware you are under investigation. If you are arrested, you should call a lawyer at the first opportunity, ideally before making any statements to investigators and certainly before appearing in court.

    Why Should I Hire a Local Criminal Defense Attorney for My Criminal Mischief Case?

    Because criminal mischief is often a misdemeanor, many people believe they can represent themselves, or that any type of attorney will suffice. However, it can be helpful to seek out a lawyer who has specific experience handling criminal mischief charges in the local courts. Knowledgeable lawyers understand what defenses work in these cases and what the state has to prove in order to secure a conviction.

    Additionally, it can be helpful to work with a lawyer who has extensive experience in the local courts. New Canaan defense attorneys have existing relationships with local judges and prosecutors, which can be helpful when negotiating a positive resolution to a case.

    How can an Attorney Help Defend Me?

    Every case is unique, and the specific defenses available depend on the facts of an individual case. However, there are a few common defenses in criminal mischief cases. First, an attorney may be able to argue that the defendant did not intentionally cause harm or damage to property. Intent is an element of the statute, and the prosecution must prove it to secure a conviction. If a person damaged property by accident, they should not be charged under the statute.

    An attorney may also be able to help defendants find a resolution outside of the courtroom. For example, it may be possible for a defendant to pay restitution for the damage and avoid an arrest altogether. Sometimes, if the alleged victim is made whole again early on the case, they may support dropping the charges. Regardless, judges and prosecutors may look more favorably on defendants who make amends before the conclusion of a case.

    Contact an Experienced New Canaan Criminal Mischief Attorney

    With seemly minor charges such as criminal mischief, many defendants believe they can handle the case on their own. They believe that by simply explaining their side of the story to police, they can have the charges dismissed. Unfortunately, many people inadvertently incriminate themselves when they try to make statements. One of the benefits of a New Canaan criminal mischief attorney is that they can provide advice and help defendants protect their rights. For help with your case, call Mark Sherman Law.