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    New Canaan Criminal Mischief Penalties

    The penalties for criminal mischief charges in New Canaan can be harsh. For help with your case, reach out to a top criminal mischief attorney.

    What are the Penalties for Criminal Mischief?

    A criminal mischief charge can result in jail time, depending on the defendant’s prior criminal record and the degree of the charge. The person may also be required to pay a fine or be placed on probation. This requires weekly check-ins with a probation officer and regular drug or alcohol testing. Additionally, a person usually has to pay for the damage they caused to the property. Failure to pay is a separate crime or a violation of probation.

    Will a Criminal Mischief Conviction Appear on My Record?

    Yes, a criminal mischief conviction will result in the creation of a permanent felony or misdemeanor criminal record. This is public information, and it will be viewable by anyone who conducts a background check. This can have a serious impact on someone’s future, as the conviction will be viewable to employers or educational institutions.

    What are the Long-Term Consequences of a Criminal Mischief Conviction?

    A conviction for felony criminal mischief can affect someone’s social status and professional reputation. There is a stigma to having a felony record, and convicted felons are unable to vote. Additionally, they may have trouble finding a job, especially if the job runs background checks and the applicant has to disclose the felony conviction. It can be difficult to remain in society and have a normal life after a criminal mischief charge or conviction.

    If the individual currently has a job, they may have to disclose the arrest or conviction to their employer. This depends on the terms of the employment contract. There can also be implications for security clearances.

    Can I Erase a Criminal Mischief Charge From My Record?

    If a person pleads guilty to a criminal mischief charge, it can be erased from their permanent record under certain circumstances. If they plead guilty to a misdemeanor criminal mischief charge, they can apply for a pardon after three years. If a person pleads guilty to a felony criminal mischief charge, they can apply for a pardon after five years. However, not every pardon application will be granted.

    Contact a New Canaan Criminal Mischief Attorney

    A New Canaan attorney could help lessen the penalties for a criminal mischief charge exploring every avenue and building a defense. A lawyer could explore options to potentially get the charges dismissed completely and avoid a conviction.

    If not, a lawyer could negotiate the lowest possible charge and penalties. The could potentially negotiate with the state to lower the charge to a misdemeanor or even a different crime. For help with your case, call Mark Sherman Law.