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    Norwalk Assault on a Police Officer Arrests

    • Assault on a Police Officer is a crime under Connecticut General Statutes CGS § 53a-167c.
    • You will have to go to Norwalk court for this crime.
    • Assaulting an officer while on probation could expose you to termination of your probation and additional criminal charges.

    • If you are being investigated or have been arrested for assault on an officer in Norwalk CT, call a top assault lawyer today.

    What is Assault on a Police Officer in Norwalk?

    The crime of assault on an officer is not necessarily as violent as it sounds. Under CGS § 53a-167c, you can be arrested for this crime if you 1) cause injury to, 2) throw anything capable of causing physical harm at, 3) use mace or tear gas against, 4) throw any offensive liquid at, or 5) throw or hurl any bodily fluid at a police officer. This crime also applies to firefighters, nurses, and probation officers.

    This means, that if you spit at a cop, or if a cop perceives you spitting at him, you can be charged. Additionally, if you throw just about anything at a cop, you can be charged.

    Defending Yourself Against a Police Officer is NOT Assaulting a Police Officer

    Self-defense against police brutality and attacks should not get you arrested in Norwalk for police brutality.  Additionally, an assault on an officer lawyer could help you understand and juggle the different parts of your case. Perhaps you were arrested after a domestic dispute and you’re facing domestic violence charges, we can help. To learn more, click here. Perhaps you were already on probation, we can help. A lawyer who has handled these charges before can prove instrumental in helping advocate for your rights and in working to minimize consequences.

    What Happens If I’m Arrested for Assaulting my Probation Officer?

    If you are on probation for another offense and you are accused of assaulting your probation officer there are several things to take into consideration. Not only will you likely be arrested for assault on an officer, but you may be brought into court for violation of probation. This is an additional offense under CGS § 53a-32. Whether it is a felony or misdemeanor depends on the charges you were on probation for. If you are found guilty, the judge could terminate your probation and may sentence you to jail. To learn more about probation violations in Connecticut, click here.

    Can I Go to Jail for a Norwalk Assault on an Officer Arrest in Norwalk?

    Assault on a police officer is a C felony. Felonies are ranked Class A through Class D, with the former being the most serious. However, don’t be fooled, as any felony charge should be handled with the utmost care. A Class C felony carries the potential for up to 10 years in jail, a hefty fine, and the potential for probation.

    The consequences of a felony conviction can sometimes be even more damaging. This could prevent you from gaining employment, getting certain housing and financial assistance, and if you’re thinking about applying for a professional license it could cause headaches.

    How Can A Norwalk Defense Lawyer Help?

    Any of the best Norwalk Connecticut criminal lawyers can help in a variety of ways. First and foremost, any top defense lawyer would advise that you move quickly to gather evidence to counteract anything the state has or claims to have. This could be eyewitness statements, cell phone photos or video of the incident, or surveillance video. A lawyer could file a motion to preserve any body camera footage the police department may have too.

    Contact a Norwalk Connecticut Assault on a Police Officer Lawyer Today

    After an arrest for assault on an officer in Norwalk, it is important that you move quickly to begin building a strong defense. The help from a skilled Norwalk criminal defense attorney can help. Check out our certified 5-star client reviews by clicking here and call the lawyers at Mark Sherman Law today to learn more at (203) 358-4700.