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    How Can I Get a Norwalk Violation of Protective Order Arrest Dismissed?

    If you are facing violation of protective order charges in Norwalk, you may have questions about the potential of getting your arrest dismissed. Reach out to a top domestic violence lawyer for help building a credible defense.

    What is Violation of a Protective Order in Norwalk?

    Under Connecticut General Statutes (C.G.S.) § 53a-223, it is a crime to violate any of the terms or conditions of court-ordered protective orders. While this is often connected to another charge, a violation of a protective order charge is separate and severe.

    What Are Some Common Examples of Protective Order Violations?

    Some of the potential actions that might constitute violations of protective orders can include:

    • Returning to the home where individuals live with the protected persons;
    • Calling, emailing, texting, or otherwise trying to communicate;
    • Meeting with the protected persons at any location;
    • Contacting the protected persons about seeing shared children.

    Even if the protected person initiates contact, responding is a violation of the protective order. What constitutes a violation depends on the specific conditions of your order.

    Is Violating a Protective Order a Felony?

    Yes. Under C.G.S. §53a-233, it is a Class D felony to commit a technical violation of a protective order, such as making a phone call to the protected person. However, persons may face Class C felony charges if they take any of the following actions in the course of violating the protective order:

    As the outcome of violation of protective order charges can be harsh, getting legal advice in this situation may be wise. Having someone to advocate on your behalf can be critical to a better resolution to the criminal charges.

    Is It Possible to Get a Violation of Protective Order Charge Dismissed?

    Yes, this is something that can be achieved. Participation in counseling, anger management, and other therapeutic practices can help show the prosecutor that you are not likely to offend again, which could potentially convince them to drop your case.

    Resolving a violation of protective order charge depends entirely on the facts of your case, a knowledgeable Norwalk defense attorney can look at your case and help you find the best course of action.

    Discuss Your Protective Order with a Norwalk Attorney

    After a protective order violation arrest in Norwalk, it’s natural to wonder how to get your case dismissed. Working with legal counsel in this situation may be vital to your ability to avoid or minimize the prospect of a lengthy sentence. Call Mark Sherman Law to schedule a consultation.