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    Ridgefield Domestic Violence False Accusations

    Both law enforcement authorities and the general public in Connecticut have begun to view domestic violence much more harshly in recent years, particularly in light of the national #MeToo movement. Unfortunately, this has occasionally led to people baselessly accusing family or household members of acting violently towards them in an attempt to force them through spurious criminal prosecution or family court proceedings. If you are dealing with a Ridgefield domestic violence false accusation currently, seeking help from a seasoned domestic violence defense attorney is a vital first step toward resolving this situation in the most effective way possible.

    Why Would Someone Make a False Domestic Violence Accusation?

    In Connecticut, “family violence” is not a distinct criminal offense on its own but rather a designation that can be applied to criminal charges like Assault, Sexual Assault, Threatening, and Disorderly Conduct to indicate that the defendant targeted a family or household member with their illegal action(s). Having a criminal charge labeled as “family violence” in this way does not mean a defendant will face enhanced criminal sanctions upon conviction, but it very often will lead to expedited criminal proceedings, the court issuing a protective order against the defendant while those proceedings are ongoing, and possibly additional sanctions in family court which may include the loss of custody and/or visitation rights with children.

    With all this in mind, false accusations of domestic violence in Ridgefield are particularly common during divorce and/or child custody disputes where one party wants to harm the other emotionally, damage their public reputation, or encourage a court to treat them more harshly than it otherwise would. While much rarer, it is not unheard of for people to alternatively make allegations along these lines in pursuit of money, notoriety, or something else they value at a current or former family or household member’s expense.

    Building a Strong Defense Against a Dishonest Claim

    Regardless of the specific reason for it, it is essential for someone targeted by a false domestic violence allegation in Ridgefield or anywhere else in the state of Connecticut to remain as calm about it as possible. It is worth reiterating that court officials and jury members both tend to look down on and assume the worst of people accused of domestic violence, and any angry or abrasive response towards someone making a false accusation could be taken as a sign that the targeted person has a violent nature and the allegation(s) made against them is true.

    Along the same lines, it is vital in the wake of such an allegation to attend all scheduled court hearings and comply with the terms of any protective order imposed by a court in response to the allegation, since any breach of those terms—however unfair they may be—is a very serious felony offense. A skilled legal representative can take the lead in interacting with law enforcement and court authorities on the accused party’s behalf, collecting and organizing exculpatory evidence, and above all, making sure that the accused party does not inadvertently make any ill-advised or poorly phrased statements which may suggest they actually are guilty of a family violence offense.

    Talk to a Ridgefield Attorney About Handling Domestic Violence False Accusations

    Dealing with a domestic violence allegation under any circumstance can be uniquely complicated on both legal and personal levels, and those challenges can become exponentially harder to overcome if the accusation against you has no basis in reality. Fortunately, you have assistance available from dedicated legal professionals who know through past experience how to deal with domestic violence false accusations effectively in Ridgefield.

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