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    Ridgefield Sex Crimes Lawyer

    Even if you have no history of any other criminal arrests or convictions, a sex crime allegation could cause permanent damage to your public reputation, professional opportunities, and above all your personal freedom. A Ridgefield sex crimes lawyer could work both to protect your legal rights and help you avoid the consequences of a conviction. Contact a dedicated criminal attorney today to learn more.

    What Types of Sex Crimes Does State Law Address?

    The way that Connecticut state law addresses sex crimes has changed significantly over the past several decades. For example, state law no longer uses the term “rape” to describe a person compelling non-consensual sexual intercourse through force, instead redefining this offense as sexual assault in the first degree.

    Connecticut General Statutes §§53a-70 through 53a-73a now list multiple degrees of sexual assault, covering both nonconsensual sexual contact and sexual intercourse, as well as differentiating between sexual acts that are compelled through force and sexual acts involving one party who materially cannot consent, such as a minor under 18 or an intellectually impaired adult. Sex crime charges are serious and should not be defended against without the help of a qualified Ridgefield attorney.

    Are There Other Sex Crimes Beside Sexual Assault?

    According to skilled attorneys, the sex crimes that commonly lead to criminal charges in Ridgefield include but are not limited to:

    • Prostitution
    • Patronizing a prostitute
    • Promoting or permitting prostitution
    • Employing or promoting a minor’s obscene performance
    • Possession of child pornography
    • Public indecency
    • Voyeurism

    What Will Happen If I’m Convicted?

    Depending on the specific charge(s) involved, individual accused of sex crimes in Connecticut may face anything from misdemeanor charges to Class A felony charges punishable by maximums of 20 to 50 years in prison. Regardless of how severe an allegation seems to be, it is always a good idea for an accused party to retain counsel from a Ridgefield sex crimes attorney.

    When Is Sex Offender Registration Required?

    In addition to harsh criminal penalties that may include years of imprisonment and steep monetary fines, the state of Connecticut also mandates that defendants convicted of certain sex crimes register as sex offenders following their release from incarceration. Generally, sex offender registration is only required following conviction for either a sex crime involving a minor or a sex crime involving violent conduct by the perpetrator, but it may also be required for certain voyeurism and fourth-degree sexual assault convictions. Having representation from a sex crimes attorney in Ridgefield can ensure an understanding of the charges being faced.

    With some exceptions, sex crimes involving a minor and non-violent sex crimes require sex offender registration for ten years after a first conviction, and for the rest of the defendant’s life upon a second conviction for the same offense. Conversely, any violent sex crime conviction will mandate lifetime sex offender registration upon a first offense. To learn more about the ramifications of sex offender probation, click here.

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    Your odds of preserving your freedom and future may depend on you retaining a knowledgeable and tenacious Ridgefield sex crimes lawyer. Read on why our prior clients have left over 300 5-star reviews. Call today to learn how we might be able to help you with your case.