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    Mark Sherman Law Juvenile Justice Scholarship Winners

    The Law Offices of Mark Sherman wants to reward and recognize individuals such as Darrah who are making a real difference in the world of Juvenile Justice! For more information on the Juvenile Justice Scholarship, you can visit our page here.

    2021 Scholarship Winner: Chris Bien-nee Tsoumou

    My name is Chris Bien-nee Tsoumou, and I am an immigrant from Gabon and am of Congolese descent. I have lived in Arizona for the past 11 years and I am now currently a rising sophomore at the University of Southern California. I am a Health and Human Sciences major on the pre-med track and am interested in pursuing a minor in political science.

    Reaction Statement: “I am filled with deep gratitude to have been selected as the winner for this scholarship. I admire the work done at the Mark Sherman law and am honored to be recognized by such a wonderful and inspirational body. I thank you for your interest in helping me pursue my education, but also for the change you bring to the world. Thank you!”

    2020 Scholarship Winner: Katie Dimmer

    I grew up in and currently reside in the metro Detroit area. I graduated from Hillsdale College in May 2020 with a Bachelor of Science and minors in biology and psychology, cum laude. Currently, I am a first-year Master of Social Work student at Michigan State University, and my goal after graduation is to work as a school social worker with an emphasis in trauma-informed practices. In my free time, I enjoy playing the clarinet and reading.

    Reaction Statement: “My honest first reaction to receiving this scholarship is shock – How was I picked out of so many exceptional candidates? “Humbled” and “grateful” would also be accurate descriptors of my reaction. I am incredibly thankful to The Law Offices of Mark Sherman for helping contribute to my education as I attain my goal of supporting and empowering at-risk youth.”

    2019 Scholarship Winner: Darrah Blackwater

    Darrah Blackwater grew up in Farmington, New Mexico. She is currently pursuing her J.D. at the University of Arizona, James E. Rogers College of Law and also working at the Department of Interior as an intern under the Inspector General. A few years ago, after undergrad, Darrah orchestrated a teen outreach program in the Navajo Nation during which she observed the impact being a good role model can have on young boys and girls. During this time, she taught the teens tennis, as well as led lessons on nutrition education. Later on, during law school, Darrah took part i</span>n a Juvenile Teaching Program where students would visit a nearby juvenile detention center for the weekend. This program was to teach the students about the law. Darrah utilized what she learned during this time to create a community-based program that aimed to lower recidivism rates in youth. The program she created pushed these young adults to fulfill their responsibilities, perform good work, and encouraged them to take care of others. Darrah’s mission in life is to serve the underserved, and she is learning how law can help her do so more effectively. In her free time, she enjoys traveling the world, playing tennis, writing, and hiking with her dog, Kai.

    Reaction Statement: “I am so honored to be a recipient of the Mark Sherman Juvenile Justice Scholarship. I wrote about the juvenile justice on the Navajo Nation because it is important to find the best ways to support the next generation. I’m thankful for Mark Sherman Law’s support as I continue my studies.”

    2018 Scholarship Winner: Rosalinda Valle

    The 2018 winner is Rosalinda Valle of Santa Cruz, California. Rosalinda is a sociology major at University of California, Santa Cruz. She maintains a strong GPA while she interns at Santa Cruz Barrios Unidos, a youth violence prevention organization dedicated to providing alternatives to at-risk youth and re-entry opportunities to former prisoners.

    Rosalinda used her work with incarcerated youth to design a thoughtful long-term program addressing various ways to prime juvenile offenders for success both before their release from jail and after. We hope to see a program like Rosalinda’s up and running in the near future!

    Mark Sherman Law wishes Rosalinda and the rest of our applicants the best of luck in their educational pursuits. Check back for information regarding next year’s scholarship coming soon.

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