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    Stamford Aggravated Assault Lawyer

    Aggravated assault is one of the most commonly charged crimes in Connecticut. Often arising during the course of a domestic violence dispute, third-degree assault arrests can apply in a variety of circumstances with differing degrees of severity.

    If you have been charged with this type of assault, a Stamford aggravated assault lawyer can help raise your awareness of the ramifications of these charges. A distinguished assault attorney can help provide you with options for fighting those charges.

    Understanding Stamford Assault Laws

    There are three degrees of assault. Other statutes describe the offense with specific aggravating circumstances such as the use of a motor vehicle while intoxicated or an assault against an individual who is elderly or disabled.

    Aggravating factors increase the severity of the crime, as well as the corresponding penalties. A Stamford aggravated assault attorney knows that certain factors may trigger mandatory minimum jail sentences such as the assault of a pregnant or elderly person.

    Third-Degree Assault Penalties

    Third-degree assault is classified as a misdemeanor and therefore the least serious assault charge in Stamford. In many instances, reckless, negligent, or a mistaken action can constitute a third-degree assault.

    When no aggravating conditions are alleged, assault in the third degree is usually treated as a class A misdemeanor. This type of offense is punishable by up to one year of imprisonment and a fine of up to $2,000.

    Common Felony Aggravated Assault Arrests

    Assault in the basic form and in additional specific statutory forms are all considered felony offenses. Stamford aggravated assault attorneys have seen the following various factors escalate an assault offense:

    • Use of a gun or other deadly weapon
    • A serious injury caused by the assault incident
    • The actor’s intent to cause serious injury or disfigurement
    • Assistance from two or more others
    • Harm suffered by a vulnerable individual such as someone who is disabled or elderly
    • Termination of a pregnancy
    • Use of a motor vehicle while intoxicated

    Aggravated felony assault can be classified as a class A, B, C or D felony depending on the circumstances. Penalties can include 20 or more years of imprisonment and a fine of up to $15,000 or more.

    Speak with a Stamford Aggravated Assault Attorney

    In many aggravated assault arrests, the potential jail penalties are severe and a single factual determination can make a huge difference in the severity of a case. It is important to act quickly to locate and move the Norwalk Superior Court to preserve evidence that could prove vital to the case. It is equally important to avoid taking actions that could jeopardize the outcome. If you have been arrested for assault second or third degree, you should try to meet with a Stamford aggravated assault lawyer to begin working toward the best possible outcome. Call today to get started.