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    Stamford Second-Degree Assault Lawyer

    By virtue of its name, some may come to the conclusion that an assault in the second-degree arrest is rather less worrisome than offenses falling into the Connecticut first-degree assault category. However, the truth is that assault in second-degree arrests have a similar ability to cause significant issues in the lives of those found guilty of committing them, just as their first-degree counterparts do.

    Unfortunately, second-degree assault is a serious felony with severe penalties. If you were accused of second-degree assault, you could face consequences including jail terms, fines, or job loss. For help building a defense, reach out to a Stamford second-degree assault lawyer as quickly as you can. A top criminal attorney can fight to protect your interests in court.

    What is Second Degree Assault?

    Assault in the Second Degree is defined in C.G.S § 53a-60, and covers many situations. Common examples of circumstances that lead to an arrest for § 53a-60 Assault Second Degree in Connecticut are as follows:

    • Intentionally causing serious physical injury to another person
    • Using a deadly weapon or dangerous instrument—other than firing a gun—to intentionally to cause any physical injury
    • Recklessly using a deadly weapon or dangerous instrument to cause serious physical injury to another person
    • Administering a drug or substance to cause unconsciousness or a stupor, other than for legal medical purposes
    • Intentionally injuring an employee of the parole board while on parole
    • Striking another person on the head with the intent to cause serious physical injury and causing such injury without provocation
    • Striking or kicking another person on the head while that person is lying down with the intent to cause any physical injury

    A Stamford attorney can help a person facing second degree assault charges better understand the potential impact of these charges and their options for moving forward.

    Potential Penalties Following an Assault Conviction

    Though the facts at hand in each second-degree assault case will play a large role in determining the punishment faced, the sanctions available to the courts can be significant.

    In Connecticut, Assault in the Second Degree is a Class D Felony, which exposes you to jail time, probation, and fines – plus a permanent felony criminal record. The specific penalties for Assault 2nd in Stamford include up to five years in jail, probation up to three years, and a fine of up to $5,000.00.

    Is there Mandatory Jail Time with an Assault Second Degree Conviction?

    There can be – If the assault involves a firearm then one year of jail may not be suspended or reduced upon conviction. If the assault is committed against a person who is elderly, blind, disabled or pregnant, two years of the jail sentence cannot be suspended or reduced. However, if both of those factors are present, then three years of the jail sentence cannot be suspended or reduced upon conviction.

    Possible Assault Sentence Enhancements

    Certain types of offenders may also find themselves subject to sentence enhancements almost certain to make life after conviction even more difficult than might have otherwise been the case. For example:

    • Those convicted of second-degree assault targeted at an elderly, blind, pregnant, disabled or intellectually impaired person will be given a mandatory prison sentence, the first two years of which cannot be reduced by a judge
    • Those found guilty of second-degree assault involving the use of a firearm will face a prison term for which the initial year may not be judicially suspended or reduce
    • Any instance of second-degree assault with a firearm committed against a blind, elderly, disabled, pregnant or mentally impaired individual yields a prison sentence for which no judge has the authority to reduce or suspend during the first 3 years

    A second-degree assault attorney in Stamford can explain possible sentence enhancements in better detail during a private consultation.

    Speak to a Stamford Second-Degree Assault Attorney Today

    Second degree assault is an extremely serious offense, and charges involving this offense should be addressed as soon as reasonably possible. Certain actions or statements could substantially impact your case, so it is wise to seek guidance from an experienced Stamford assault in the second degree lawyer who could not only provide advice but also advocate on your behalf at all stages of the proceeding. Call now to learn how we could put our experience to work for you.