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    Stamford Drug Possession with Intent to Distribute Penalties

    Drug possession is taken seriously in Stamford, especially if the person charged also intended to distribute the drugs. During a possession with intent to distribute case, the prosecution needs to prove not only that the person was in possession of the drug but also that they were distributing it or were intending to distribute it to another person. The resulting Stamford drug possession with intent to distribute penalties can be especially harsh and have long-term consequences for those convicted. If you have been charged with possession with intent to distribute, consult a skilled and compassionate drug attorney that can advocate for you.

    Commonness of Charges Escalating From Simple Possession to Possession With Intent

    It has become more common for Stamford possession charges to escalate to possession with intent since the drug laws have become a little bit more lax. Lately, the charge possession with intent to sell is tacked onto simple possession more often than it used to be. Often times, when a person is alleged to be possessing a greater amount of the drugs, the Stamford Police Department is more likely to charge them instead with possession with intent to sell.

    How Does Intent to Distribute Affect a Drug Possession Charge in Stamford?

    Intent to distribute makes a drug possession charge lot more serious. It is actually an unclassified felony so it is a lot more serious than a typical possession misdemeanor and can result in serious Stamford drug possession with intent to distribute penalties.

    Ways Penalties Are Impacted By the Escalation of Charges

    Once intent to distribute is present, penalties go up exponentially. If somebody, for example, is charged with possession of marijuana or possession of a non-prescribed narcotic but it is just a possession, that is going to be a misdemeanor. The maximum jail time they could face on that, if they are convicted or plead guilty, is a year.

    If they are charged with distribution of a narcotic, for example, or a hallucinogenic, then the jail time greatly increases, going up to a total of 15 years. That is what they could face. If they are alleged to have been selling or distributing marijuana, for example, then they could face jail time up to seven years, and those penalties could also come with additional probation and fines.

    Can Someone Be Charged With Intent to Possess and to Distribute?

    Technically, a person can be charged with both intent to possess and distribute. If somebody was trying to obtain drugs for the purpose of selling or distributing those drugs and the police were able to find that out and the state was able to prove those facts, for example, that they had the intention of getting a lot of marijuana and their plan for that marijuana was to sell it or give it out, then, technically, they could be charged with both of those attempt charges, and face Stamford drug possession with intent to distribute penalties, as a result.

    Diversion Programs and Alternative Sentencing Options

    There are different programs for when it is not just simple possession but now it is possession with intent to sell. It is no longer eligible for the pretrial drug education program. In this case, they are actually going to have to use AR or the Accelerated Rehabilitation program because they are talking about a different charge other than straight possession.

    If the person has not been in trouble before, then they will be able to apply for the accelerated rehabilitation program in this case. However, it is taken very seriously by both the state’s attorneys’ offices and the judges, so getting in touch with a skilled Stamford drug defense attorney is imperative to give the best chance of getting the program granted.

    Importance of Working With a Stamford Drug Attorney

    Possession with intent to distribute penalties are really serious charges. Depending on the level that you are charged with, you could face up to seven years in jail or up to 15 years in jail for a distribution conviction and if you are non-drug dependent, you might be facing a five-year mandatory minimum in jail. There is a lot on the line. It is high stakes when talking about possession with intent to sell or distribute. It is important that you work with an attorney that knows how to defend these types of charges and can attempt to mitigate the Stamford drug possession with intent to distribute penalties that you may face. Work with a qualified attorney that can advocate for you.