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Stamford Drug Possession with Intent to Distribute Lawyer

Possession with the intent to distribute is defined by any person who distributes, sells, dispenses or transports with the intent to sell or do any of those things, or gives, or administers to another person any narcotic substance, hallucinogenic substance, or any other controlled substance.

A possession with intent to distribute offense can have serious consequences for those who are convicted. If you have been charged with possession with intent to distribute, consult a qualified Stamford drug attorney who can help. A Stamford drug possession with intent to distribute lawyer can attempt to work tirelessly to build your case.

Determining the Difference Between Simple Possession and Possession With Intent

Determining whether the defendant is going to be charged with simple possession as opposed to possession with intent to distribute is left within the full discretion of the police officer that is investigating the allegation.

That is the person that will look at the evidence that they think is there and decide whether they think that the person is possessing the drugs for personal use or whether the person is intending to sell, distribute or share those drugs.

Constructive Possession and Its Impact on Charges

Constructive possession is when law enforcement does not find drugs on a person’s body or in their car, or something like that, or an area where they control but, for example, they can prove it belonged to someone via a different way. A lot of people that are dealing drugs, they often put a little insignia or symbol on their packaging materials. That is a way, for example, even if they live in a home with other people and the drugs are found in a common area, for the police to be able to prove that they are in possession of the drugs even if it is not on their person. When they are branded like that, it helps the police give them more evidence and more proof as to why the person was intending to distribute the drugs.

Investigating a Case

When looking to see if somebody could be charged with possession with intent to sell, law enforcement is looking to see what the person has in their possession. For example, if the person has a lot of a certain kind of drug and it is packaged and broken up into little packages which are easier to distribute that could look suspicious to the police. Or, if the person has a lot of cash on them, or if the person has scales on them which would make it seem to the police that they are measuring out and weighing the drugs, these are all things that the officers will investigate to try to assess whether intent is there or not. A Stamford drug possession with intent to distribute lawyer can attempt to disprove that an individual intended to distribute drugs.

Common Ways to Charge Possession With Intent to Distribute

Possession with intent to distribute can be charged a couple of different ways. One of them is if the person is seeking to distribute a narcotic or a hallucinogenic substance, they would get charged with penalties for illegal distribution of those substances. There is also another sub-section that deals with substances other than marijuana, and both of those are unclassified misdemeanors.

There is also another sub-section which is even more serious for a person who is not drug dependent. If someone has their own substance abuse issues and is addicted, they will get charged under one of the two unclassified felonies. However, if a person is non-drug dependent, for example, if they are just trying to sell drugs for their own personal gain, that actually becomes more serious, it is still a felony charge but that would be the illegal distribution of drugs by a non-drug dependent person and carry with it mandatory minimum jail time. A Stamford drug possession with intent to distribute lawyer can explain further explain the intricacies of these charges.

Value of a Stamford Drug Possession With Intent to Distribute Attorney

The nuances of drug law, specifically in regards to drug possession, can be quite difficult to understand alone. That is why it helps to have a Stamford drug possession with intent to distribute lawyer on your side. Your attorney can explain the complexities of the law, walk you through the trial process, and can attempt to build a solid case for you.