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    Life After a DUID Arrest in Stamford

    A DUID arrest can have both immediate and long-term consequences for the individual accused. Penalties of fines and incarceration exist in such cases, as well as the possibility of the accused individual to lose employment or suffer in any personal relationships. Life after a DUID arrest in Stamford can be difficult, but the penalties by which the accused must live by can be handled. If you have been charged with a DUID in Stamford, an experienced attorney can help reduce or dismiss any penalties you may be facing.

    Short-Term Consequences of a DUID

    One point to note regarding a DUID arrest is that the State of Connecticut and the City of Stamford heavily enforce the charge. Due to this aggressive enforcement, police officers will like to have statistics to back it up. One way they try to enforce this charge is through publicity. The Freedom of Information Act requires police departments to release the names, addresses, mugshots, and the summaries of the police reports to the press upon request. In Stamford, many print and online newspapers publish all of the DUID arrests in the city.

    Within days of an individual’s DUID arrest, that individual will most likely see their mug shot and arrest report with their name and address online if they are 18 or over. This causes a significant problem for an individual both personally and professionally, and is an unfortunate reality of life after a DUID arrest. An experienced lawyer will best be able to assist in removing an individual’s records from the internet.

    After the Arrest

    After an individual is arrested for such a charge, they can return home unless the judge orders otherwise. The judge can seize the individual’s passport, but while they have a DUID pending, they are innocent until proven guilty. The individual can travel freely unless the judge orders otherwise as a condition of the release, such as home confinement or a curfew, however rare.

    An individual just needs to show up for their court dates on time. If an individual is charged with a felony DUID as a repeat offender with a serious injury, then they might not be allowed into some countries depending on the country’s immigration rules.

    Role of the Insurance Company

    If an individual has a pending DUID charge and their license is suspended, they can have a problem getting a license in another state. Whether insurance companies can find out about the arrest, and what an individual needs to tell them is a very delicate area of a DUID case. An individual will need a criminal attorney to assist them because when there is an accident involved, the insurance company is obligated to question the driver about what happened. They must do a thorough investigation to determine liability and cover the property damage and personal injury claims.

    Each insurance company must ask certain questions, and the answers must be recorded. Someone suspected of a DUID must provide a recorded statement about the crime that they have been accused of committing. This statement can often impact that individual’s life after a Stamford DUID arrest, because the answers given often determine the varying penalties assigned.

    An individual does not want to say anything on tape that will incriminate them. An experienced attorney can assist an individual in answering the questions without incriminating themselves. The attorney can assist the individual in trying to ensure that the insurance coverage will be triggered, and will cover the damages to property and personal injury without exposing the individual to any criminal liability. Further, a lawyer will try to do so without compromising the integrity of the individual’s DUID arrest case in Stamford court.