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    Expunging Protective Orders in Stamford

    Being subject to a protective order can damage your personal and professional reputation. While there are options for erasing your record, they can be difficult to pursue alone. For help expunging a protective order from your record, reach out to a top Stamford lawyer today.

    Obtaining a Pardon in Stamford

    One of the options for erasing your criminal history is to seek a pardon from the Board of Pardons and Parole. If you are eligible and approved for an Absolute Pardon, also known as a full pardon, your entire criminal history will be expunged. While this can be a great option, Connecticut maintains strict eligibility criteria, and the application process can be complex. You must fill out a lengthy application for review, and you must appear at a hearing before the Board.

    To maximize their chances of success, many Stamford defendants choose to work with a dedicated protective order attorney. A lawyer could help you navigate the pardon process, review your application, and advise you about how to answer questions during your hearing.

    Expungement After a Dismissal or Nolle

    If you are subject to a criminal protective order and the underlying charge is dismissed, your protective order will be expunged. This should occur automatically, without any actions necessary on your part.

    In some cases, the case is not dismissed but the state declines to prosecute. This is known as nolle prosequi. While this has a similar effect to a dismissal, obtaining an expungement after a nolle takes longer. Thirteen months after a nolle, the case will be expunged from your record.

    Removing Your Record from Online Publications

    Even if the case against you was dismissed or you received a pardon, there may be records of your arrest available online. With a simple search, potential employers or landlords may be able to find online publications that mention your case. This can cause devastating damage to your personal or professional reputation.

    Fortunately, there are ways to help clean up your online presence. Mark Sherman Law offers an internet scrubbing service that could help you protect your reputation.

    Discuss Your Case with a Stamford Protective Order Attorney

    If you are concerned about the impact of your criminal case or protective order on your reputation, you should schedule a consultation with an experienced attorney. If you were convicted, pursuing a pardon may be an option for erasing your criminal record. If your case was dismissed, your record will automatically be expunged. However, online publications may still have information about your arrest. Reach out to an attorney at Mark Sherman Law to discuss your options.