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    Impact of a Stamford Protective Order

    If you are subject to a protective order in Stamford, you are likely aware of its impact on your family life. You may no longer be allowed to speak with your family or even enter your own home. However, the effects of a protective order can extend into your social life or even impact a court case years in the future.

    For help understanding the terms of your protective order and how to avoid a violation, reach out to a top domestic violence attorney today. A skilled lawyer could also fight for a positive resolution to your underlying criminal charges.

    How are Protective Orders Recorded by the Courts?

    Courts impose protective orders on the record so there is a transcript of the protective order being issued. The defendant will also be handed a copy, and the clerk of the court will put the protective order in a database that is viewable by all law enforcement agencies. That way, if there is a complaint about a violation of a protective order, the police can look to see whether in fact there is a protective order in place.

    The protective order is kept during the pendency of this case, so it will be accessible in the clerk’s office and to law enforcement. Once the case is over, the protective order will be removed from the registry.

    Do I Have to Report a Protective Order to my Employer?

    In some cases, the imposition of a protective order in Stamford can impact an individual’s employment. In some companies, there might be a handbook or some other policy requires employees to disclose criminal charges or other legal matters. If an employer has no such policy, an individual is not obligated by the court to disclose anything.

    Can a Protective Order Be Used in Future Court Proceedings?

    A criminal protective order can often be used as evidence in future court proceedings long after they have expired. For example, during a child custody hearing in family court, a past protective order may be used as leverage in future cases. This is not restricted to the domestic violence case from which the order was mandated.

    What are the Social Impacts of a Protective Order?

    The protective order cannot be looked up publicly, but it can still implicate someone socially and professionally. For example, an individual subject to a protective order may not be allowed to go near the protected person. This can cause social and professional problems if the parties work together ot they have the same circle of friends. Even if the protective order is not public information, others may notice changes in the parties’ normal routines, and an individual may face social stigma as a result. A protective order can affect someone’s whole while it is in place.

    Reach Out to an Attorney for Help Managing Your Protective Order

    The personal and professional impacts of a Stamford protective order can be difficult to bear. Your day-to-day routine may change dramatically, you could face social stigma, and you may even be forced out of your home. For help modifying a protective order or resolving your underlying criminal charges, reach out to a dedicated attorney at Mark Sherman Law.