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    Protective Order Arrests in Stamford

    Violating an active protective order is a serious criminal offense that could lead to your arrest and incarceration. Anyone accused of a violating a protective order in Connecticut could benefit from speaking to an experienced Stamford protective order arrest attorney about their legal options.

    What Constitutes a Protective Order Violation in Stamford?

    While technically protective and restraining orders are different, they both serve the same function: protect a person from threatened or actual harm. To learn more about the different types of protective orders and their nuances, click here.

    Violating any protective order is a criminal offense. It does not matter if it is a temporary order. It does not matter if it is not in relation to criminal charges. Violating an order is a felony and you can be arrested for it.

    Even if the violation is minor, a text message, a wave at the gas station, a mailed friendly letter, all of these could lead to your arrest depending on the limits of your particular order.

    What If the Protected Person Contacted Me First?

    It does not matter if the protected person called or messaged you first. It does not matter if the protected person visited you first. If you engage in violation of the protective order, you will be arrested.

    A skilled Stamford protective order arrest attorney generic antibiotics price could clarify how a defendant’s circumstances may have led to their arrest and what their legal options are in the immediate future. If you were contacted first by the protected party, an attorney could help use this to show the court why the protected order should be lifted altogether or modified to lesser restrictions.

    Potential Consequences Following a Protective Order Arrest

    Connecticut General Statutes §53a-223 defines criminal violation of a protective order as either a class D felony or a class C felony offense, depending on the circumstances. Most such cases are prosecuted as class D felonies, but any protective order violation that involves harassment, molestation, assault, or any other violation of a protected party’s liberties would result in upgraded penalties.

    Depending on how it is classified, a conviction for violation of a protective order may result in a maximum of five years or ten years in prison, as well as a maximum fine of $5,000 or $10,000. However, a protective order arrest lawyer in Stamford could work on a defendant’s behalf to mitigate the sanctions they face if their violation was incidental, accidental, or did not happen the way law enforcement or the protected party claimed it did.

    Work with a Stamford Protective Order Arrest Attorney

    Even if you are acquitted of your original domestic violence charge, a violation of the protective order it warranted could still leave you dealing with prison time, fines, and a permanent felony record upon conviction.

    Follow this link to check out our hundreds of certified 5-star client reviews. Call today to schedule a meeting with an experienced Stamford protective order arrest lawyer and discuss what may be possible in your unique situation.