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    Stamford Risk of Injury to a Minor Laws

    If you have been accused of endangering a child, it may be critical to have a better understanding of Stamford risk of injury to a minor laws. When someone is faced with child endangerment charges, they should consider speaking with an established child endangerment attorney. A risk of injury to a minor lawyer can help you obtain the peace of mind necessary to move forward with your case.

    Laws Addressing the Health and Welfare of a Minor

    There are two subsections of a general statute that protect the morals and health of minor children in Stamford. Section 53-21(a)(1) addresses the general health and the general morals of children. Section 53-21(a)(2) includes the same language that also addresses triggered by some sort of sexual and an indecent conduct.

    Understanding Common Risk of Injury Offenses

    Under the Stamford risk of injury to a minor laws, the charge associated with leaving a child unattended in a car is Section 53-21(a)(1), the first subsection of the risk of injury charge. For corporal punishment and physical discipline, someone could be charged under Section 53-21(a)(1), the first subsection of the risk of injury charge for excessive physical discipline.

    A risk of injury to a minor charge is a felony. A felony charge or conviction can have a long-term effect on someone’s life. It can affect a person’s employment background checks, their online presence, and nearly always triggers a DCF investigation when the person has children.

    Defining the Role of Department of Children and Families

    Both posing a risk of injury to the mental health and physical health are charged under Section 53-21(a)(1) risk of injury unless there was some sort of sexual conduct which would be charged under the second subsection. If an accusation of either is made, DCF is notified and contacts the family within 48 hours to open a case and start a new investigation.

    What is the Court Process Following a Child Endangerment Charge?

    A person with a domestic violence charge is typically arraigned the next business day. If the incident happens on a Friday- they will be arraigned the following Monday. The person goes to an arraignment and their lawyer argues bond. If the charge is not domestic violence related and the person bonds out, they are given a summons for about two weeks after their initial arrest. After that, the person must appear in court a number of times before the case is resolved.

    Reasons to Discuss A Risk of Injury Case With an Attorney

    There is a lot to consider when attempting to understand how Stamford risk of injury to a minor laws can impact your case. Facing a felony conviction for DCF charges can affect the person’s job, their home life, their online presence, and can follow them for the rest of their life. A felony conviction can affect a person’s ability to get a loan or keep a professional license. A risk of injury lawyer can guide a person through the process and help them obtain a desireable result in the resolution of the charges. It can be critical to speak with an established attorney regarding your case right away.