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    Weston Aggravated Assault Lawyer

    As many of the best assault defense lawyers understand, factors such as the intent of the parties taking action, the degree of injuries involved, the use or absence of weapons, and the identity of the individuals caught up in an assault incident can all have a tremendous effect on the types of charges that can be brought.

    All second-degree assault arrests are felonies with very serious penalties. If you have been charged with one of these serious offenses, contact a top Weston aggravated assault lawyer today.

    First-Degree Assault Arrests in Weston

    Under Connecticut law, there are five situations in which an individual may be charged with assault in the first degree under CGS 53a-59. Scenarios include when an individual causes serious injury with a deadly weapon, intentionally disfigures another, engages in reckless deadly behavior that causes serious injury, assaults another with help from two or more other individuals, or uses a gun to cause physical injury to another. The assault can be considered aggravated and penalties will increase if the attack causes termination of a pregnancy or if the harmed individual is under a certain age. An attorney in Weston could help someone who has been arrested for this form of aggravated assault.

    What is the Definition of Second-Degree Assault Weston, CT?

    Under Connecticut’s second-degree assault statute C.G.S. § 53a-60, these aggravated assault charges can apply when an individual:

    • Intentionally causes serious physical injury to another
    • Causes any injury to another intentionally with the use of a deadly weapon other than a gun
    • Causes serious injury to another recklessly with the use of a deadly weapon
    • Administers drugs to another without consent
    • Hits another on the head to cause them to lose consciousness
    • Kicks or hits another on the head while they are lying down
    • Injures a member of the parole board while on parole

    Some of the factors that aggravate the offense include causing injury to an elderly or disabled person, using a motor vehicle while intoxicated, or using a firearm. A top Weston lawyer could analyze your assault case and fully explain any aggravating factors that may apply.

    What Are the Jail Penalties for Second-Degree Assault in Connecticut?

    Most second-degree offenses are classified as class D felonies with a maximum prison sentence of 5 years. If the defendant causes serious physical injury, the offense escalates to a class C felony, and the maximum term of imprisonment doubles to 10 years. The penalties for aggravated assault are severe, therefore, it is important that a defendant obtains the services of a Weston lawyer.

    What is the Definition of Third-Degree Assault Charges in Weston?

    Assault in the third degree occurs when an individual either intentionally causes injury to another, recklessly causes serious injury to another, or negligently uses a deadly weapon to injure another. The charges may be treated as aggravated assault when a firearm is used or when the individual suffering from the assault is disabled, elderly, or pregnant.

    Call a Top Weston Aggravated Assault Attorney

    If you have been charged with assault in the third, second or first degree, you will want to work with an attorney with considerable experience in this area of law, especially in domestic violence cases. A knowledgeable Weston aggravated assault lawyer will be able to explain the options and help you evaluate the best course of action. Call an accomplished attorney today to begin working on your defense.