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    Weston First-Degree Assault Lawyer

    First-degree assault is defined as intentionally causing, or attempting to cause, serious physical injury to another person. The most common of these charges is someone committing assault with a deadly weapon. A deadly weapon could be anything that can cause serious bodily harm or death. Not just guns and knives – for example, tools that you might find in the garage or beer bottles that could be considered deadly weapons.

    If you are facing these charges, you should contact a Weston first-degree assault lawyer as soon as possible. An experienced assault attorney can work hard to build a solid defense for a positive outcome in your case.

    What Actions Constitute Assault in the First-Degree?

    Assault with a deadly weapon is the same first-degree assault. When an individual causes a serious injury to another person using a deadly weapon or a dangerous instrument the charge is considered a class B felony.

    An ordinary object can be considered a deadly weapon in assault cases depending on the object being used and how it is used. For example, a kitchen knife can be considered a deadly weapon if it is used to cause an injury. The court can acknowledge ordinary objects if the State determines that it was used to cause a serious injury or the defendant tried to seriously harm someone with it.

    Penalties for First-Degree Assault

    First-degree assault is a B Felony, so it is a really serious charge. There is substantial jail time that someone could be exposed to if convicted of first-degree assault. Other penalties include probation and fines, as well as a permanent criminal felony record if convicted. 20 years is the maximum amount of time that somebody can face for a first-degree assault charge, in addition to years of probation that can follow, plus fines of up to $20,000.

    These cases are heard in Norwalk Superior Court, and may result in a probationary period or automatic jail time. It is not automatic jail time in all instances unless there is a firearm involved. There are situations where there might be mandatory jail time, but generally speaking, it is possible to receive a probationary period rather than jail time up front.

    There is a social stigma around any kind of violent crime. This could affect someone even after they are released from jail, if they go to jail, or after their probation ends. At this point, they are going to have a felony record with them for the rest of their lives, which can prevent them from gaining employment, voting, or carrying a firearm again. A lawyer in Weston could help someone accused of assault in the first-degree mitigate these potential penalties.

    Common Defenses

    There are several defenses or mitigating factors that a Weston lawyer can use to refute the prosecution’s evidence in a first-degree assault case. One common defense is self-defense, where the argument is that a person used reasonable self-defense when they were in fear for their life or someone else’s life. When using this defense, an attorney will look at a history of past violence against the defendant or other similar factors.

    Contact a Weston First-Degree Assault Attorney

    The potential for jail time is important to address, so you need someone with experience who can do everything in their power to help you and your case. If a Weston first-degree assault lawyer cannot prevent the conviction, they can at least can do their best to prevent jail time and generally minimize punishment. An experienced lawyer could work with the prosecutors before sentencing and put together information to show the court why their client deserves a more lenient sentence. Call today to begin working on a defense.