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    Westport Third-Degree Strangulation Lawyer

    If you were arrested for third-degree strangulation in Westport, Connecticut, you should work with an experienced Westport lawyer who could fight for a favorable resolution to your charges.

    What is Strangulation in the Third Degree?

    Under Connecticut General Statutes (C.G.S.) §53a-64cc, third-degree suffocation or strangulation occurs when an individual “recklessly restrains another person by the neck or throat or obstructs such other person’s nose or mouth and impedes the ability of such other person to breathe or restricts blood circulation of such other person.”

    Under this definition, someone may be found guilty even if they act with no intent to strangle or suffocate another, so long as their actions cause some impairment of breathing or circulation. Although the intent to strangle or cause injury is not necessary, the statute does require an action to be “reckless” in order to constitute a violation.

    What Constitutes Reckless Behavior?

    Reckless behavior is defined under C.G.S. §53a-3(13) as being aware of, yet choosing to disregard, a “substantial and unjustifiable risk” that certain circumstances will result.

    In a strangulation or suffocation case, the accused person would need to deliberately ignore the likelihood that their conduct would restrict the other person’s circulation or impair their breathing. A Westport third-degree strangulation attorney may be able to argue that your conduct was not sufficiently reckless to break the law.

    What are the Penalties for Third-Degree Strangulation?

    Strangulation in the third degree is a Class A misdemeanor punishable by up to a year in jail, a fine as high as $2,000.00, and/or a period of up to 2 years probation.

    Additionally, a criminal conviction on your record could make potential employers, lenders, landlords, and even friends hesitant to work with you. Often, the unofficial consequences of a conviction cause more long-term harm than official penalties. However, a Westport third-degree strangulation lawyer can seek alternative penalties and work to minimize these adverse effects.

    Contact a Westport Third Degree Strangulation Attorney Today

    Strangulation is not a crime you want to have on your record. A knowledgeable Westport third-degree strangulation lawyer can seek evidence to build a strong defensive strategy so that you can fight the charges and help you navigate any other restrictions put in place, such as a protective order.

    Perhaps most importantly, a criminal defense lawyer can stand as your ally throughout the process, providing advice and assistance from start to finish. For a consultation to learn how an experienced strangulation defense lawyer could help in your case, call Mark Sherman Law.