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    Westport DCF Service Agreements

    Westport DCF service agreements often occur after an arrest has been reported. After the arrest has been reported to DCF, they will contact the person who was arrested or the home and will set up that initial meeting in which they come to the home and conduct their first assessment. If the police find probable cause to believe that a risk of injury has occurred, they will issue an arrest for that person. Individuals should speak with a distinguished Westport attorney about how to begin proceeding with their case.

    What is a Westport DCF Service Agreement?

    A DCF service agreement is a form that DCF will ask a person being investigated to sign on the first assessment date that basically gives DCF permission to investigate the family and the children. It is also a release that gives the Department of Children and Families permission to contact healthcare providers for the children, the children’s school, and any other sort of provider that would be helpful for DCF to interview.

    The pros of signing Westport DCF service agreements are that if one is cooperating with the Department of Children and Families, it makes sure that the case gets closed more quickly. The cons of signing one are that the person is giving DCF permission to conduct this kind of invasive investigation into the home and family life.

    If there are things that are going to be detrimental to the person or the criminal case, it is not good for DCF to be poking around as much. They are allowed to contact school, neighbors, and healthcare providers. People are told to sign them because it does allow for DCF to close the case and the investigation a little bit more quickly than if a person were to refuse.

    Cooperation Requirements

    A person’s not required to cooperate with Westport DCF. Typically, it is helpful in a criminal case for a person to cooperate with Westport DCF. The only thing that someone needs to keep in mind if they are arrested for risk of injury in Westport is that anything that they say to the Department of Children and Families can be used against them in the criminal case. The case likely has a better chance with a DCF attorney who can work with the person any time the individual speaks to Department of Children and Families.

    Where to Challenge an Arrest

    For Westport DCF service agreements and risk of injury arrests, a person would challenge the arrest in Norwalk Superior Court located at #17 Belden Avenue in Norwalk, Connecticut.

    Understanding the Role of a Westport Domestic Violence Lawyer

    A Westport domestic violence lawyer will challenge a risk of injury arrest by determining or arguing whether or not there was probable cause to issue the arrest. Their other roles are to make sure that a protective order is not in place that can keep a parent away from their family if they are not a risk to the children.

    A domestic violence lawyer will also make sure that the conditions of release are not too imposing and that they are something that can be accomplished by the person. The role of an attorney is to make sure that everything in court runs smoothly and that a person is not being kept from his or her home and children without cause.