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    Fighting a Family Court Restraining Order in Westport


    Anyone dealing with a restraining order is advised to seek advice from an top domestic violence lawyer. An experienced attorney could assist with fighting a family court restraining order in Westport and protecting the rights of those accused.

    What Should I Understand About Restraining Orders?

    The Family Court can only issue a civil restraining order against a person in a family or household relationship as defined in Connecticut General Statutes (C.G.S.) §46b-38a. These persons include:

    • Spouses and former spouses
    • People who have parented a child together even if they never lived together
    • Parents and children
    • Anyone related by blood or marriage
    • People who currently or formerly lived together
    • People currently or recently in a dating relationship

    Additionally, an individual can ask the Westport Court for a civil protection order against others if they have been the victim of sexual abuse or stalking. The terms of restraining and protection orders can vary from case to case. Some may prohibit any form of contact, while others only restrict specific actions. When fighting a family court restraining order in Westport, it is wise to understand the exact terms that are proposed or implemented.

    What Are Strategies for Fighting a Restraining Order?

    Sometimes, individuals who ask the Family Court for a restraining order pull out old emails or text messages and use those to explain why they fear they are in danger. It may be possible to fight a restraining order by arguing that the evidence used is too old to be relevant or that any alleged threats are too vague to serve as grounds for a restraining order.

    It is also possible to seek evidence to prove that allegations made by the person requesting the restraining order are false and that evidence was fabricated or taken out of context. An attorney can assist with subpoenaing witnesses to fight a Westport family court restraining order by showing that statements were untrue. A legal counselor could also help question the accuser during a deposition.

    Help Fighting a Family Court Restraining Order in Westport

    A restraining order can restrict your right to contact your children and your access to your own personal belongings. Because these orders can have such a drastic impact, it is important to understand the ramifications fully before taking any actions. A consultation with an experienced domestic lawyer is strongly advised.