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    Types of Protective Orders in Westport

    Understanding the types of protective orders in Westport can be very helpful if you find yourself facing domestic violence charges. Work with a knowledgeable protective order attorney to learn about your rights and legal options.

    What Are Partial or Limited Protective Orders?

    The least restrictive type of protective order that may be issued in a Westport domestic violence case is a partial protective order, also known as a limited protective order. This type of order allows the protected party and the defendant to remain in contact with each other during the duration of the defendant’s case, with the only requirement being that the defendant refrain from harassing, molesting, or assaulting the protected party any further.

    In most domestic violence cases, this kind of order is the ideal outcome for an arraignment hearing, and skilled attorneys are often quite adept at negotiating for more lenient terms like these on behalf of defendants. However, it may be difficult for a defendant to receive this type of order if they committed a particularly violent offense, or if they have a history of domestic violence arrests and convictions.

    Residential Stay-Away Protective Orders

    The next tier of protective order available in Connecticut is known as a residential stay-away order. Under the terms of this type of protective order, a Westport defendant could still stay in electronic or telephone communication with the protected party, but they would not be allowed to get physically near them at their home or place of work.

    Importantly, this type of order may require a defendant to move out of any residence they share with a protected party, potentially for weeks to months depending on how long their trial lasts.

    Full No-Contact Protective Orders

    Particularly severe domestic violence allegations may result in the imposition of a full no-contact protective order. This type of protective order prohibits all communication of any kind between the defendant and the protected party, whether inadvertent or intentional.

    What Happens If You Violate a Protective Order?

    In addition to being severely punished, violations of protective orders are unfortunately easy to accomplish. Even a single attempt to call a protected party on the phone or send them a text message could result in a defendant being arrested for a protective order violation—and any efforts made by the protected party to encourage that client would not be relevant to the defendant’s case. To learn more about fighting protective order violations, click here.

    Learn More About Protective Order Variants from a Westport Attorney

    No matter what the terms of your protective order are, you are legally required to follow them to the letter, or you may face further prosecution beyond the charges you are already dealing with.

    Among various other services, seasoned legal counsel could explain the types of protective orders in Westport to you and help you pursue one that serves your best interests. See why hundreds of clients have left 5-star reviews on, then give us a call today.