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    Levels of Protective Order in Westport

    In Westport, there are three levels of criminal protective orders that may be issued after a domestic violence arrest. Understanding the terms of your protective order is crucial to avoid a violation. For help complying with your protective order or resolving any underlying charges, contact a top domestic violence attorney today.

    What is a Partial Protective Order?

    A partial protective order allows for limited contact between the petitioner and the respondent. If you are a subject to a partial protective order, you may not assault, abuse, threaten, stalk, interfere with, or follow the protected person.

    What is a Residential Stay-Away Protective Order?

    A residential stay-away order includes all of the restrictions of a partial protective order. In addition, the respondent may not go to the home or residence of the protected person.

    What is a Full No-Contact Protective Order?

    A full no-contact protective order includes all of the restrictions of a residential stay-away order and more. It prohibits the respondent from having any contact whatsoever with the petitioner. This includes:

    • Calls
    • Text messages
    • Emails
    • Communication through third parties

    All behaviors that may constitute communication are prohibited by full no-contact lawyers. Even simple online activities such as viewing a Linkedin profile, liking a post, or sending a friend request may violate a protective order.

    What is Permissible Contact?

    Permissible contact in Westport is contact that the courts have specifically said is okay. For instance, the court may enter a full no-contact protective order with the exception that texts may be exchanged regarding child care. Any forms of communication not explicitly permitted by the courts are prohibited.

    What is an Ex-Parte Protective Order?

    An ex parte protective order is a temporary order put in place by the family or civil courts before a full hearing takes place. Ex parte means only one side is heard. In Westport, it means the petitioner submits an application without the defendant knowing, and the judge puts a temporary protective order in place immediately. An ex parte order can affect numerous aspects of the respondent’s life, including child custody or visitation rights.

    However, respondents do have the opportunity to challenge these orders at the full hearing. With help from a skilled attorney, it may be possible to persuasively argue that a protective order should not be put into place.

    Contact a Westport Protective Order Attorney Today

    If you are subject to a protective order, it is crucial that you understand the terms to avoid a violation. A top Westport attorney could explain the level of protective order in your case and the behaviors that may constitute a violation. Call Mark Sherman Law today to learn how an attorney could help.