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    Westport Misdemeanor Hit and Run Charges

    The DMV guilty plea to the misdemeanor subsection of Evading Responsibility results in a 90-day suspension for first-time offenders. A guilty plea to the felony subsection of the Connecticut Evading Responsibility laws will result in a one-year suspension of their Connecticut driver’s license followed by a three-year suspension for each subsequent offense.

    Individuals can expect a mandatory DMV driver’s license suspension with every guilty plea to Westport misdemeanor evading responsibility charges. If an individual doesn’t have a Connecticut driver’s license, then there will be a suspension of driving privileges in Connecticut.

    An individual should know that as a result of any DMV driver’s license suspension always follows consequences to an individual’s insurance policy premiums, where they may be canceled or not renewed or renewed at a much higher rate. An individual should always discuss their options with an evading responsibility lawyer.

    Defining Misdemeanor Hit and Run

    According to local law, Westport misdemeanor evading responsibility charge is where no property damage was caused or slight physical injury. Many personal injury attorneys try to leverage the criminal court process against their clients to gain an advantage in a personal injury lawsuit. An individual’s priority should be getting the charge dismissed and letting their insurance carriers handle the civil claims.

    Westport misdemeanor evading responsibility charges are class A offenses. It is the most serious level of misdemeanor and may be considered a felony level offense. Whenever there is serious bodily injury or death caused to the other person, the charge becomes a class B felony, which carries up to a 20-year prison sentence.

    Penalties after Conviction

    Someone that is convicted of Westport misdemeanor evading responsibility charges can be imprisoned up to one year, be fined up to $600, and be given probation of up to two years, any combination of those can take place.

    Penalties for Westport misdemeanor and felony evading responsibility charges have all been increased. A new version of the evading responsibility statute went into effect on October first of 2016. It did not change any of the substantive elements of the charge.

    Treatment of Charges

    If they were aware of what evading responsibility carried before, it is important to understand that these are the new penalties and the first is that, if it is just damage property, it is a class A misdemeanor. That means imprisonment of up to one year, a fine of up to $600, and probation of up to two years.

    Role of a Potential Client

    When someone is charged with Evading Responsibility, they will be required to give an audio recorded statement to their insurance company. If they lie to the insurance company, they can certainly be exposed to additional criminal exposure.

    Dealing with an Insurance Company

    If an individual has an excess liability or umbrella insurance policy, that might need to be triggered as well. An individual should definitely talk to a local attorney about possible civil claims before they speak with their insurance adjuster.

    Many people do not realize that talking to an insurance lawyer, false reporting, and lying can often come back and haunt someone for months or years down the road during a civil suit as that information is discoverable in a civil suit and could certainly impact both the civil and criminal case.

    Help from an Attorney

    It is a complicated law, there are many options, they are not straightforward, and an individual has many avenues of defense strategies they can exercise and explore during the criminal court process.

    Your legal representation should have experience dealing with Westport misdemeanor evading responsibility charges. Contacting legal representation can help you seek an overall resolution of an investigation into the underlying charges themselves.

    In terms of resolving damages, it is important to have an attorney who understands the nature of Westport misdemeanor evading responsibility charges a potential client is facing. They can help you present an appropriate defense for your future.