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    Westport Hit and Run Arrests

    An arrest for a hit and run does not differ from Westport evading responsibility arrests. When an officer receives a report of Evading Responsibility in Westport Connecticut, the very first thing they suspect is that someone has left the scene of the crime to avoid an arrest for either a DUI or DWI or that they were driving without insurance or without being properly licensed.

    To get arrested for a hit and run, an individual must have caused property damage or physical injury with their motor vehicle and then left the scene. An individual can face charges for leaving the scene of the accident without identifying themselves to either party or to the police. Speak with an experienced Westport hit and run attorney regarding the penalties you may be facing for these charges.

    Arrests after Leaving the Scene

    If a Westport Police Department officer gets an admission from someone who left the scene that they were in fact driving and were involved in an accident, then they can make what is called an “on-scene” arrest immediately, detain the suspect, transport them to the Westport Police Department, and book, fingerprint or photograph them.

    If the person chooses to remain silent, a lengthier Westport evading responsibility arrests investigation may need to take place such as observing surveillance video, taking photographs of cars and damage, and trying to piece together a case against the suspect.

    Following an Arrest

    If an individual is contacted that an arrest warrant for Evading Responsibility has been signed by a judge, then the process will begin for an Evading Responsibility arrest in Westport, Connecticut.

    The Westport Police Department usually give individuals the courtesy of coming down to the station to surrender on their own schedule. This is much preferable than having the police show up at an individual’s workplace or home which can be very embarrassing and humiliating to a Westport resident.

    Once an individual is brought to the police station, they are fingerprinted, photographed, and processed. Individuals should remain silent during that process and just provide the officers with basic contact information and not talk about the incident or the allegations of hit and run. An individual has the right to remain silent and they should definitely exercise that during the booking process.

    Role of Officer Observations

    If an officer observes a person leaving the scene of an accident in Westport, then they are entitled to make an immediate on-scene. However, this rarely happens. It is usually the injured driver who eyewitnesses a suspect leaving the scene, requiring a police investigation and arrest warrant application process.

    It is critical to consider hiring a top Westport Connecticut criminal lawyer during that investigation phase because there is a chance they may be able to convert the case from criminal to civil, and thus avoid the necessity of a person having to be arrested by officers.

    If the officers are convinced that the suspect was legally licensed, that they may have been scared, or that they did not know there was damage to another car, then they have a decent chance of avoiding an arrest.

    Commonality of Evading Responsibility Arrests

    At least half of Westport evading responsibility arrests are not on-scene arrests and do require weeks of investigation by Westport Police. If a Connecticut hit and run criminal lawyer can get involved in your case during the investigation stage, you might be able to remove your case of the prosecution track. Any time someone can avoid being arrested is a huge benefit and that is why it is worth contacting a top Westport criminal lawyer.

    Public Accessibility to Records

    The Westport police are required to release the details of the arrest by law and they often do so in an attempt to both remain compliant with the Freedom of Information Act laws but as well as to deter other people from committing a crime of Evading Responsibility.

    Having an arrest on the internet is incredibly damaging to a person’s professional reputation. Individuals should consider hiring a evading arrests attorney to help them create a defense for trial.

    How an Attorney Can Help

    Hiring a lawyer for Westport evading responsibility arrests is advantageous in many ways. Many of these accidents are called into the police and they are not on-scene arrests. In these cases, there is a chance you can get your Evading Responsibility investigation quashed before you are arrested.