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    Impact of a Wilton Evading Responsibility Arrest 

    Hit and run offenses are taken quite seriously in Wilton. By evading responsibility and abandoning the scene of an accident, an individual is not fulfilling their duty as a driver and is also violating the law. Arrests for hit and run offenses can also have serious consequences for an individual. If you want to know more about the impact of a Wilton evading responsibility arrest, it can help to speak with a knowledgeable evading responsibility lawyer that could attempt to mitigate the severity of the offenses you face.

    Freedom of Information Act

    The Freedom of Information Act allows a person to obtain official information about themselves or another person, that was sealed prior to the Act. It applies to a person’s permanent criminal record in Wilton because a person’s permanent record is more readily available after the Freedom of Information Act was put into place.

    This Act could negatively influence a person’s reputation or business because it facilitates publications to report on an arrest. The impact of a Wilton evading responsibility arrest is that there is a strong possibility that an online news publication would publish their arrest report online, even after their case gets dismissed. A person’s reputation or business could be tarnished if they are looked up online and that arrest report pops up.

    Consequences an Arrest Can Have on a License

    In Wilton, a felony or a misdemeanor conviction of evading responsibility impacts the status of a person’s driver’s license since it automatically causes a 90-day suspension.

    Under every circumstance, the impact of a Wilton evading responsibility arrest could lead to the loss of license after a conviction. The duration of the suspension depends on how many convictions the person has, but it is always at least a 90-day suspension.

    Reapplying for a License

    Whether a person could reapply for a license if their license was previously terminated depends on the situation. Sometimes if a person loses their privilege to their driver’s license, they need to wait a certain amount of years before they are able to reapply for the license.

    In the event a person reapplies for a license, the process for approval in Wilton involves re-taking their driving test and going through all of the hoops to reinstate their license or to get a new license.

    Potential Termination of Insurance Plans

    The impact of a Wilton evading responsibility arrest on someone’s auto insurance plan often occurs after the company receives information about the charge. Rates are likely to skyrocket whenever anyone’s charged with evading responsibility. An insurance company may also pay for the damage caused to the alleged victim’s property or vehicle or for physical injury.

    It is not common for an auto insurance company to terminate a person’s policy after an evading responsibility investigation. The premium and monthly rates are likely to increase greatly and they might re-negotiate the rates after the policy expires. If an individual wants to know more about the impact of a hit and run arrest, they should consult a capable evading responsibility lawyer today.