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    Rights Following a Wilton Evading Responsibility Arrest 

    Evading responsibility is a serious offense that could have major consequences for an individual. Despite being a misdemeanor offense, a person could still face harsh fines and the possibility of jail time. However, an individual still has certain rights following a Wilton evading responsibility arrest. A person has the right to protect themselves from incrimination, and the right to an attorney following an arrest. A skilled evading responsibility lawyer is not just a right, but a necessity when someone faces evading responsibility charges. Work with an attorney that could protect your rights and build your defense.

    Common Reasons to Leave the Scene of an Accident

    Some common reasons a person may leave the scene of an accident include if they are under the influence of drugs or alcohol and do not want to be arrested for a DUI. They might also leave the scene of an accident in Wilton if they do not think that there was any damage caused or it was not serious enough to call the police to report it. Another reason someone might leave the scene of the accident is if they were scared or nervous, and did not know what to do in the situation. It is common to see someone involved in an accident go home to discuss the accident with their parents or their significant other. Even if they plan on calling the police later in the night, it is considered evading responsibility because they did not immediately report it or leave their information with the owner of the property.

    Evading Responsibility as a Misdemeanor Charge

    In Wilton, an evading responsibility charge is a Class A misdemeanor, a Class D felony, or a Class B felony. Under Wilton law, an evading responsibility charge would be considered a misdemeanor any time the operator of a motor vehicle is knowingly involved in an accident that causes injury or damage to property and the person fails to render assistance, leave their contact information, or report the accident to the police department. The key is that the injury or damage was caused to only properly and not to another person. It is considered a Class A misdemeanor. In Wilton, law enforcement officials might assume that a person facing an evading responsibility charge was under the influence of drugs or alcohol when they had their accident, which may or may not be true. The officer may make this assumption because the person left the scene of the accident without calling the police, which is indicative of the person not wanting to be arrested for a more serious charge.

    Rights When Charged with Evading Responsibility

    In the event a person is charged with evading responsibility, the person has the same rights as anyone charged in any other town in Connecticut. They have the right to not make an incriminating statement to the police department. One of the rights following a Wilton evading responsibility arrest that someone may have is the right to contact an attorney before making any statement to the police and they have the right to have their attorney make the statement to the police department on their behalf. They also have the right to go to court and challenge their charge – including taking their case to trial.

    How a Wilton Evading Responsibility Lawyer Could Help

    A criminal lawyer could protect a person’s rights following a Wilton evading responsibility arrest by protecting them from making any incriminating statements. A defense attorney oversees all communications between the person accused of evading responsibility, the police department, and the alleged victim of the case. The lawyer may also protect a person in court by making sure that all of their rights are preserved, including their right to go to trial if they would like to and their right to not incriminate themselves in court.