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    Can a Connecticut Therapist Have a Sexual Relationship with a Patient?

    Can a Connecticut Therapist Have a Sexual Relationship with a Patient?
    • It’s Statutory Rape in Connecticut if a therapist has sex with a patient.
    • Statutory Rape / Second Degree Sex Assault is a felony in Connecticut.
    • If you’re under investigation for sex assault, you can lose your psychotherapist license.

    • If are a therapist in Connecticut being investigated or arrested for Statutory Rape, contact top Connecticut criminal defense lawyer right away.

    I’m a Psychotherapist Under Investigation for Sex Assault.  Will I Lose My Medical License?

    In many cases, Connecticut’s Department of Public Health will take action against your license even if you’re never convicted.  The police department conducting the investigation will often make a report to the DPH once they receive a sexual assault complaint.  At that point, the DPH will do its own investigation, may seek an interim suspension of your license, and will likely reach out to you about the allegations.  Remember, nothing you say to the DPH agents – or any other law enforcement agents – is confidential and everything can be used against you.  Even if you believe you did nothing wrong, be sure to retain an experienced defense lawyer before speaking to anyone.

    Can I Go to Jail for Statutory Rape in Connecticut?

    Yes. Statutory Rape / § 53a-71 is a Class B Felony if the other person is under 16 years old and otherwise a Class C Felony in Connecticut.  If you’re convicted after a trial or if you plead guilty, then you face a mandatory 9 months in jail and up to a potential 15 years in jail, sex offender probation, and registration as a sex offender on a public registry.  Not only that, but you face a permanent felony conviction record, which can affect your reputation and career for the rest of your life.  If you’re accused of Statutory Rape in Connecticut, make sure to get a lawyer experienced in defending Sex Assault cases to immediately get started on a defense.

    Can a Therapist have Sex with a Patient in Connecticut?

    No.  In Connecticut, it’s often considered to be Statutory Rape or Sex Assault in the Second Degree, for a psychotherapist to have sex with his or her patient.  Connecticut criminal law § 53a-71 prohibits psychotherapists from having sex with their patients during a therapy session under any circumstances.  It also prohibits psychotherapists from having sex with their patients – and even former patients – outside of a therapy session if the patient is emotionally dependent on the therapist.  Click here for more on Connecticut’s statutory rape laws.

    Do Statutory Rape Laws Apply to Psychotherapists in Connecticut?

    Yes.  Connecticut Penal Code C.G.S. § 53a-71 / Statutory Rape laws in Connecticut are confusing, and cover much more than a psychotherapist.  Other professions covered by the law are psychologists, physicians, counselors, social workers, marriage counselors, nurses, and even hypnotists.  To complicate it further, it doesn’t matter if you’re licensed or not – under the law if you’re alleged to be providing any of the services above, you can get in trouble for having a sexual relationship with a client or patient.

    If You’re a Therapist Accused of Sex Assault, Call a Top CT Sex Crimes Attorney

    If you’re a Connecticut psychotherapist, physician, counselor, or any other type of medical professional and you’re falsely accused of having a sexual relationship with a patient, be sure to get legal advice before ever walking into the police department or court.  At Mark Sherman Law, we have a team of experienced sex assault defense attorneys here to protect your rights and build your defense.  You can see hundreds of reviews from past clients at  Then get in touch today at (203) 358-4700.