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    How Do I Get a Greenwich Connecticut Risk of Injury Arrest Dismissed?

    How Do I Get a Greenwich Connecticut Risk of Injury Arrest Dismissed?
    • Arrests in Greenwich Connecticut for CGS 53-21 can happen when you fight / argue with your husband, wife or significant other in front of your kids.
    • Risk of Injury arrests in Greenwich happen even when kids are sleeping upstairs.
    • A Greenwich Connecticut arrest for Risk of Injury is a felony.
    • Risk of Injury arrests in Greenwich also trigger invasive Greenwich Department of Children & Families (DCF) investigations.
    • Get your Greenwich Risk of Injury arrest off the internet and off Google searches.
    • Call a top Greenwich Connecticut criminal lawyer to fight your CGS 53-21 Risk of Injury arrest.

    What is Risk of Injury in CT?

    To get arrested in Greenwich CT for Risk of Injury (called Situational Risk of Injury by many of the best Connecticut criminal lawyers and attorneys), you must cause or permit any child under 16 to be placed in a situation where the child’s health or morals are at risk of being injured.

    Can My Boss / Employer Going Find Out about My Connecticut Arrest for Risk of Injury?

    Yes, as long as the charge is pending in court.

    Can I Get the Risk of Injury Charge Dropped So I Don’t Get Fired?

    Possibly. Some of the best Greenwich and Darien Connecticut criminal defense attorneys and lawyers have recently made progress in protecting their clients’ jobs and careers during a Risk of Injury case. They walk Connecticut prosecutors through the collateral consequences of their clients’ arrest…specifically how your boss and employer will react to a felony risk of injury arrest.

    In some cases, Connecticut prosecutors will negotiate a temporary reduction or withdrawal of a Connecticut Risk of Injury charge while you satisfy a court condition such as counseling or community service.

    You can click here to learn more about how to convince a prosecutor or district attorney to reduce or drop your Connecticut Risk of Injury charge under CGS 53-21.

    Examples of Risk of Injury Arrests in CT

    Scenarios that can lead to a Situational Risk of Injury arrest in Greenwich Connecticut include:

    • Fighting or arguing with your husband or wife in front of your children
    • Getting a Greenwich DUI / DWI arrest with your kid in the car
    • Watching porn in front of your child
    • Excessive physical discipline and spanking / slapping your child (that leaves a mark)
    • Shoplifting with your kid in a stroller
    • Leaving your child unsupervised in your car while you go run errands

    Accidents Don’t Lead to Greenwich Risk of Injury Arrests – Intentional Conduct Required

    Situational Risk of Injury arrests in Greenwich are known as “general intent” crimes. This means that Stamford Criminal Court prosecutors must prove that you were acting intentionally, voluntarily, and knowingly when you put the child at risk.

    The best Connecticut Risk of Injury lawyers know that if you were acting accidentally or inadvertently, then you are not guilty of committing the crime of Risk of Injury in CT.

    A Greenwich DCF Investigation Always Follows a Greenwich Risk of Injury Arrest

    Whenever someone is arrested in Greenwich for Risk of Injury under CGS 53-21, there is almost always a parallel DCF investigation. A Connecticut DCF worker will show up at your front door—unannounced—and try to question you and your children. And if you don’t eventually speak with them, they can go to your children’s schools and question them there, or even worse, summon you to court with a Connecticut DCF neglect petition.

    You can follow this link to read more about how to handle a Greenwich Connecticut Department of Children & Families investigation for abuse and neglect.

    Get Your Greenwich Arrest off the Internet & Google Searches

    One other headache that comes hand in hand with any Greenwich Connecticut arrest for Risk of Injury in Greenwich is the widespread publication of your name, mug shot, and arrest reports on the internet.

    The Mark Sherman Law Firm is one of the leaders – if not THE leader – in fighting online news websites on this issue. We took 4 of these companies to the United States Supreme Court and are making headway on helping our clients get their dismissed and expunged Connecticut arrest reports and photographs off the internet, and off Google.

    Click here to learn more about the Mark Sherman Law Firm’s internet scrubbing practice.

    Contact a Connecticut Risk of Injury Lawyer Today

    So if you’ve been arrested in Connecticut for Risk of Injury under CGS 53-21, contact Mark Sherman Law today. We can assist you with the arrest, court case, DCF investigation, internet scrub and run interference with your employer. Check out reviews from our prior Risk of Injury clients on the certified website. Then call us today at (203) 358-4700 for a consultation.