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    My Bridgeport AR/IDIP Dismissal Date Got Moved Because of COVID-19

    My Bridgeport AR/IDIP Dismissal Date Got Moved Because of COVID-19
    • Accelerated Rehabilitation and the Impaired Driving Intervention Program (IDIP) are two of Connecticut’s pretrial diversionary programs.
    • AR & IDIP dismissal dates during the COVID-19 pandemic have been being pushed back weeks or even months due to court closures.
    • Dismissal of your charges triggers Connecticut’s Erasure Statute, and clears your record of the arrest.
    • A delay in your dismissal date can cause huge problems for your employment background checks.
    • If your Bridgeport AR/IDIP dismissal date got moved, call a top defense lawyer today.

    My AR Dismissal Date Got Moved by the Court-Can I Get It Docketed Earlier?

    If your Accelerated Rehabilitation dismissal date was scheduled for March-May 2020, it was likely moved. Due to the novel and unpredictable COVID-19 pandemic, many people find themselves receiving notices that their dismissal date was pushed back weeks or even months. Courthouses across the state are closed entirely or only open for very limited matters.

    Can a Bridgeport Criminal Lawyer Help Me Move My Court Date Earlier?

    Yes. A top criminal defense attorney can file motions or paperwork with the prosecutor, the office of adult probation, or the judge to request a dismissal date for the earliest possible date.

    My IDIP Dismissal Date Got Moved by the Court-Can I Get It Scheduled Earlier?

    Clients currently nearing the end of their IDIP are facing the same dilemma. While Bridgeport criminal court does not currently have a mechanism for dismissing program cases remotely, it can be beneficial to hire a Bridgeport criminal lawyer. Your lawyer will be able to keep up to date with court openings and other new information to help you get your case dismissed as soon as possible.

    I Need My Connecticut Criminal Court Date Dismissed As Soon As Possible to Find a Job

    With many jobs requiring background checks, a pending Bridgeport criminal court case can make it difficult to secure employment. A top Bridgeport criminal defense attorney can help you both with the courthouse and with your new job. A certified cover sheet from the clerk’s office showing your case is scheduled to be dismissed can help give employers peace of mind. If coronavirus has delayed your AR/IDIP dismissal date, contact any of the best Bridgeport criminal defense lawyers today to learn how to get your charges dismissed as quickly as possible.

    Here’s Why It’s Important to Get your AR/IDIP Dismissed Early

    While in a diversionary program, you have to be extra careful not to have any more run ins with the law. An arrest could bounce you out of the program and you will find yourself facing the full brunt of your original charges as well as any new ones you accrue. During the COVID-19 pandemic, this is the case even after your originally scheduled dismissal date.

    How Do Connecticut Expungement / Erasure Laws Help Me?

    Further, prompt dismissal of your Bridgeport criminal case will invoke Connecticut’s Erasure statutes which can help bring your life truly back to normal. To learn more about these laws and how they can benefit you, click here.

    Contact a Top Bridgeport Defense Attorney Today

    If your Accelerated Rehabilitation or IDIP dismissal date have been moved due to coronavirus, or you expect it might, contact a dedicated attorney at Mark Sherman Law today. You can read our certified reviews here and call us today at 203-358-4700.