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    Removing Connecticut Arrest Reports / Mug Shots Off the Internet & Google Searches

    Removing Connecticut Arrest Reports / Mug Shots Off the Internet & Google Searches
    • Here’s how to get your Connecticut arrest offline and off Google searches quickly.
    • Mark Sherman Law took media giants Hearst and Cablevision to the US Supreme Court.
    • As a result, our firm has earned its reputation for being a leader in Connecticut internet scrubbing law.
    • We work relentlessly to take down our clients’ arrest reports and mug shots and offline and off Google searches.
    • Your online reputation is everything, especially if you’re looking for a job.
    • So if you need your arrest reports & mug shots taken offline, call Mark Sherman Law today.

    What is Internet Scrubbing in Connecticut?

    “Internet scrubbing” is a modern-day term for removing your arrest reports, mug shot, name and address off internet online news articles and Google / Yahoo searches. Not only do the articles have to come down, but online search engines must also agree to remove “digital search footprints” of the damaging articles.

    The Mark Sherman Law was the first criminal law firm in Connecticut to launch an internet scrubbing practice and is the only firm in CT to sue Fortune 500 media companies for publishing Connecticut arrest reports related to cases that have been dismissed and expunged.

    Can I Sue the Newspapers for Publishing My Arrest & Mug Shot On the Internet?

    Yes, but that can be expensive and take years. You are much better off working with the best Connecticut internet scrubbing law firms who regularly go after Google and local Connecticut news websites to take down their clients’ mug shots, photographs, and arrest reports. These top Connecticut internet scrubbing lawyers know the legal pressure points that can get the internet scrubbing results you need to protect your online reputation and job search prospects.

    Do I Need a Connecticut Lawyer to Get My Arrest Report & Name Offline & Off Google?

    Yes, it’s always a good idea to at least schedule a consultation with a top Connecticut internet scrubbing lawyer attorney. The last thing you want to do is call the websites yourself to tell them your Connecticut case has been dismissed, and then have them print a new, additional article about your charges being dropped. This defeats the entire purpose of trying to scrub your Connecticut criminal arrest off the internet and Google searches.

    Who is the Best Lawyer in Connecticut for Internet Scrubbing & Getting Arrest Reports Off the Internet?

    No law firm in the State of Connecticut has the internet scrubbing experience and track record that the Mark Sherman Law Firm offers. Led by the Firm’s partner Ryan O’Neill, the Mark Sherman Law Firm sued some of Connecticut’s biggest online news outlets on behalf of a potential class action of clients who were arrested, had their charges dismissed and expunged, but still were plagued by online reports of their arrests (and corresponding Google searches).

    Follow this link for a wrap-up of our firm’s game-changing legal battle with these companies, click

    Call a Connecticut Internet Scrubbing Lawyer Today

    So if you need your Connecticut arrest reports and mug shots taken off the internet and Google searches, call Mark Sherman Law Firm to begin the internet scrubbing process. We’ve been doing it the longest and have the most experience in State of Connecticut in this emerging area of internet law and will do everything we can to protect your online reputation.

    If our assurances aren’t enough, check out certified client reviews on the website from our satisfied internet scrubbing clients and then call us today at (203) 358-4700.